Official Information Request - 2 August 2017

Sent: Thursday, 10 August 2017 1:02 p.m.
Subject: TRIM: Information request - Event Fun attractions

I refer to your request for information of 2 August concerning the grant of concession to Event Fun to provide attractions on the Village Green, and reply below in the order of your email.

1.   I understand that Event Fun uses about 18 electric blowers to inflate the Mammoth Super Side, about 8 electric blowers to inflate the Obstacle Course, one blower to inflate the Mini Castle and  2 electric blowers to inflate the Surround for the Jeeps. Is it a fact that Event Fun uses about 27 electric blowers to inflate and sustain these attractions?

Our understanding is Event Fun may use up to 17 blowers in their business.

2.   Is it a fact that Event Fun has a contract with Council to provide these attractions?


3.   It is a fact that the contract in Rotorua was let while Event Fun was before the Court in Wellington facing charges about contractual non-compliance regarding service delivery?

Since 2002 Event Fun have been granted a concession to operate at the lakefront between mid-January and mid-December each year, the concession being let in January of each year.  Council is unaware of when the Wellington Court action was undertaken. 

4.   What are the key financial terms of this contract?

Event Fun are charged the standard annual concession rate of $600 +GST per annum plus $600 +GST per annum for the provision of power.

5.   If not a contracted relationship what is the formal relationship?

Event Fun have an 11 month concession to operate at the Lakefront running from mid-January to mid-December.

6.   Is it a fact that the contract costs Event Fun about $300 per annum for the supply of electricity?

No. Event Fun pay $600 per annum for the provision of power, which is Council's set rate for any casual concession requiring power.

7.   Is it a fact that Event Fun gets a key to the power box to access electricity?


8.   Is Council aware that Event Fun has an income of between $5,000 and $10,000 per day in Summer?

Council does not require this information from concession holders.

9.    How much has the Council paid for electricians to repair electricity supply to contractors on the Village Green in the last year?

Council has not had to repair the electricity supply to contractors on the Village Green.  Council has however upgraded the electrical supply on the Village Green as events/concerts were starting to hit the upper limit of the available supply into this area.

10.   What is the estimated size of the subsidy funded in the last year by ratepayers to Event Fun to provide its services?

No subsidy was/is provided for this attraction.

11.   What is the justification for the subsidy using ratepayers' funds?

No subsidy was/is provided.

12.   What are the key worker and customer safety provisions in the contract/ other formal relationship?

Clients are required to supply a current health and safety plan each year as part of their annual concession conditions and all relevant safety documents and certificates for the amusement devices that are used at the Lakefront Reserve.

13.   How are these safety provisions managed?

These are received and reviewed by Council and compliance inspections are undertaken.  Any reports of incidents are investigated by Council.

14.   What are the limits to Council's liability regarding the health and safety of workers and customers?

Council's ultimate liability is to comply with the law (eg. Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and regulations etc). We have a duty of care with regard to our employees, volunteers, customers and contractors and we are managing our obligations in this area.

 We are obliged to advise that you may contact the Ombudsman at the address below if you have any concerns with the response provided by Council, by writing to:

The Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10 152

Alternatively, you may email or use the online complaints form available at


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