Official Information Request - 19 September 2017

​​Sent: Monday, 2 October 2017 3:14 p.m
Subject: TRIM: Request for Official Information

I refer to your email of 19 September 2017 requesting information on Council's policy for managing deceased pets found on public property, and reply below as per your questions:

  1. A copy of the full policy.
    Council does not have a policy in place for the removal of dead animals from public property.

  2. Who is responsible for removing deceased pets?  
    Three separate contractors pick up deceased animals depending on the location of the animal ie: local rural road (Fulton Hogan), state highway (Higgins through NZTA), any other council land (Council's waste contractor – Smart Environmental).

  3. Are they photographed? 
    Deceased animals are not photographed.
  4. Are they scanned for a microchip?  
    All deceased dogs are scanned for a microchip.  No other animals are scanned.

  5. Are their bodies held by Council? 
    Bodies may be held by Council while enquiries as to ownership are being made.  Where ownership cannot be determined the bodies are disposed of.

  6. Is a register kept of pets that are found?  
    No register of deceased animals is kept.
  7. How are bodies disposed of? 
    All bodies are buried.
  8. Are attempts made to return the body to their family? 
    If an owner is located and requests the pet it is returned to the owner. 

We are obliged to advise that you may contact the Ombudsman at the address below if you have any concerns with the response provided by Council, by writing to:

The Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10 152

Alternatively, you may email or use the online complaints form available at


Jean-Paul Gaston   Group Manager, Strategy
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A: 1061 Haupapa St, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046, New Zealand


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