Miss Rotorua Foundation Trust litter clean up



8 September 2020


Members of the Miss Rotorua Foundation Trust gave up their Saturday to pick up litter from the roadside on Mountain Road.

Late last month, the group approached Council with their plan to do a litter clean up, and were provided with advice and resources to assist. Volunteers from Council’s contractor Smart Environmental also assisted with the clean-up, and provided the Miss Rotorua Foundation Trust with high-visibility vests, rubbish bags, gloves and a skip bin to facilitate their efforts.

Last Saturday, the 22 participants collected a staggering amount of litter and dumped rubbish, with 4.8 tonnes of discarded items removed from the Mountain Road roadside.

Council’s Waste Services and Sustainability Manager Prashant Praveen says that it only takes a few people being irresponsible with their rubbish to create problems for the environment and local community.

“Most people dispose of rubbish responsibly and see value in caring for our local environment, but others underestimate the harm they cause to the environment by littering and dumping rubbish. This rubbish gets blown into streams and lakes, and builds up to create an unsightly mess.”

Smart Environmental’s Central North Regional Manager Scott Brown pointed out that the majority of the collected items could have been repurposed or recycled. “More than half of what was collected could have been taken to the recycling centre, local scrap dealers or hospice shops instead of being dumped.It’s disappointing as these items could have been saved from going to landfill.”

Council is proud to support groups like the Miss Rotorua Foundation Trust and a number of other advocate groups that are dedicated to caring for the whenua by collecting litter or educating others on the importance of disposing of waste correctly.

For more information on how you can organise a litter clean up in your community, contact info@rotorualc.nz

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