Crankworx Rotorua 2019 the best yet



1 August 2019

The growth of the Crankworx Rotorua festival has been significant since it started in 2015 and the 2019 event was the best yet, according to event director Ariki Tibble.

He reported to elected members at today’s Operations & Monitoring committee and presented key outcomes and data which showed the growth of the event since it started in Rotorua in 2015 as part of the international Crankworx festival circuit.

Mr Tibble said the event would be unsustainable without public investment. Council contributed $150,000 to this year’s event.

Key outcomes the event sought to deliver were maximising community benefit, changing perceptions of Rotorua, destination marketing and economic benefit.

Feedback from attendees was that Crankworx had drastically improved their perception of Rotorua, Mr Tibble told the committee.

In terms of community benefits the event provided learning opportunities for secondary school students and benefits for local business, introduced families and school children to biking, enabled local athletes to develop their skills locally to enable them to progress onto the world stage and enabled locals to experience an international event, among other benefits.

The exposure Cranworx provided for Rotorua in terms of destination marketing would equate to a ten-fold return on the public investment made, the committee was told.

Mr Tibble said event financials for 2019 were still being finalised but he was confident there would be a small surplus.

By the numbers

  • Visitations to main event venue: 24,270 in 2015, 46,130 in 2019
  • International viewership: 1.8m in 2015, 15.2m in 2019
  • Broadcast partners: 4 in 2015, 64 in 2019
  • Exhibitors: 35 in 2015, 54 in 2019
  • Volunteers: 190 in 2015, 490 in 2019
  • Revenue total $1.59m in 2015 (48% public investment; 26% ticketing, registration and in-kind; 26% commercial revenue), $1.98m in 2019 (33% public investment, 30% ticketing, registration and in-kind; 37% commercial)
  • Economic benefit during event totalling $22.59m since 2015 including $4.1m in 2019
  • 71.2% of attendees say Crankworx has improved their perception of Rotorua


The Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting is livestreamed and the YouTube recording, meeting agenda and presentation slides can be viewed via THIS LINK on Council’s website.


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