Linton Park Link makes steady progress



23 July 2019

The ‘Linton Park’ CyWay project is making good progress with a third of the 3.1km of pathway now complete.

Beginning at Pukehangi Road and emerging at the Mount View Road Shops, this shared path is part of the National Urban Cycle Funded (UCF) programme for delivery in Rotorua. 

UCF has enabled and accelerated the development of 23km of shared path network in Rotorua since 2015. The goal is to connect Rotorua residents with the places they want to go, without having to use cars or conventional roadways.

The development of a connected network encourages residents to explore their city using more sustainable travel options.

Shared paths are designed to suit a wide range of users. They improve access and safety for those with mobility issues, create space for young families with prams, scooters or bikes and space for cyclists to move about more freely and be separated from traffic if they are not confident riding on the road. 

This project provides Pukehangi, Western Heights and Sunnybrook residents with a reliable and direct route to and from Rotorua’s central city.

All going to plan the Linton Park Link should be fully constructed in the next 6 weeks, weather permitting. 

Progress has moved steadily forward due to the use of asphalt as the primary construction material, which is usable one hour after it is laid down.

In areas prone to flooding or zoned as a drainage reserve, concrete will be used instead of asphalt because it lasts longer than asphalt when exposed to water and will reduce erosion to the path over time.

The next stage of this project runs through the length of Linton Park West reserve from Pukehangi, and intersects Blomfield, Goldie and Edmund Streets. 

The entire 3.1km of the Linton Park Link pathway is scheduled to be complete by the end of October.

Before the end of  2019, the construction of another shared path will get underway. Starting at Malfroy Road, it will weave its way through the reserves that line the Utuhina stream to finish on Old Taupo Road near the entrance to Shirley Street.

This path is included in the planning of the Ko Te Tuara Totara O Fordlands Reinvigoration project, which aims to revitalise and update public facilities in the Fordlands area.

You can find more information about the shared path and CyWay projects, here.

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