Soundshell reaches final stage of demolition process



5 August 2019


Work to transform the Soundshell site into a community space is well underway with contractors moving into the final stage of demolition this week.

AP Demolition first arrived on site on 4 March, and have been disconnecting services and preparing the site since then.

The asbestos that was found in the sound insulation of the building was monitored by Asbestos Surveying Solutions, and foreman Michael Parker says asbestos of this type is common in old buildings.

The last of the class A asbestos found in the Soundshell has now been cleared away and contractors have been given the go ahead to demolish the rest of the building. This work is scheduled to begin today.

The majority of demolished parts of the building will be taken away to a specialised asbestos disposal landfill. Due to the asbestos contamination, most of the materials from the original auditorium area of the building are unable to be salvaged.

For the following 3 - 4 weeks surrounding residents and businesses can expect some work noise and heavy vehicles moving in and out of the site during the day.

The building and its direct surroundings will be fenced off from public access. Although the Soundshell building is located on Lakefront Drive, the road will still be open and functioning as per usual.

In 2015 the Soundshell was closed after a number of issues including structural integrity, general disrepair and earthquake proneness, meaning it would be uneconomical to undertake the work required to make the original building safe, as well as bring it up to a useable standard.

Following public consultation, the upgrade of the site was then included in the 2018-2028 Long-Term Plan as part of the Lakefront redevelopment.

Once the building has been fully removed, the concrete slab will be taken away and the ground levelled.


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