From the Meeting



10 June 2021

From the meeting

At this morning’s Strategy Policy and Finance Committee meeting, the majority of elected members agreed to recommend that Council approves a suite of Community Performance Measures and includes them in the final 2021 – 2031 Long-term Plan.

The Local Government Act stipulates that as part of the Long-term Plan development, local authorities are required to develop indicators to enable them to be able to report on how well they are performing in delivering levels of service to their communities. It is proposed that in the 2021-2031 Long-term Plan, 56 measures are agreed upon as the measures for Level of Service for each activity plan for the next ten years.

The recommended Community Performance Measures align with Council’s key strategies driving the 2021 – 2031 Long-term Plan and cover eight activity groups (Community Leadership, Community Wellbeing, District Development & Regulatory, Roads & Footpaths, Sewerage & Sewage, Stormwater & Land Drainage, Waste management, and Water Supplies). These are not the only measures Council uses to assess its performance, but are key community facing measures.

The success of a number of measures requires significant partnership with the community and Government agencies. Aligned with Council’s current transition to become more outcomes focused, these measures also shift from measuring activity, as they have historically done, to measuring outcomes.

You can read the full report that went to the Committee on page 50 of the Agenda and view the presentation slides HERE. You can view the list of performance measures HERE.

Today’s meeting was livestreamed and you can view the presentation and following discussion on the Community Performance Measures HERE.

Changes to Speed Limits

The Committee also agreed to recommend to Council that changes to speed limits on some roads in the district are made in accordance with the requirements of the rule “Setting of Speed Limits 2017”.

The speed limit recommendations are available from page 31 of the Agenda.

The recommendations are based on a speed limit review conducted earlier this year, and on the feedback from both submissions and hearings during the subsequent consultation period.

You can view the Committee’s discussion on the recommended speed limit changes HERE.

Rates Remission for Significant Natural Areas

The majority of the Committee also agreed to recommend that Council amends the rates remission policy, to provide for a remission of $5 per hectare for rateable land that is identified as an SNA in the Rotorua District Plan where the area of rateable land that is identified as an SNA is a minimum of 20 hectares.

You can read the full report on page 39 of the Agenda.

In 2019 Council passed a resolution to investigate an amendment to its rates remission policy for the next annual plan to provide for remission of rates for Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) at a uniform rate per hectare. Consultation on Plan Change 3 at the time highlighted a concern about a lack of incentives to acknowledge the contribution that landowners make to the protection of biodiversity for the benefit of the district.

SNAs are areas identified in the District Plan that are significant areas of indigenous vegetation or provide significant habitat for indigenous species. District Plan rules restrict structures, earthworks and clearance of vegetation within SNAs. Approximately 800 valuation numbers and 20,000 hectares of rateable land are affected by SNAs. However many of these properties have only a small area of SNA (around 75% have less than 20 hectares).

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