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3 June 2021

Council’s CCOs provided updates to the Operations & Monitoring Committee for the third quarter of the financial year – January to March 2021. The CCOs provide updates to the committee quarterly.

InfraCore update

InfraCore operates as a social enterprise, applying commercial strategies to maximise improvements in financial, social and environmental wellbeing and has signed a 9-month contract with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to deliver sustainable work outcomes, including upskilling people currently on benefits, according to its third quarter report to the Operations & Monitoring Committee. The Ministry will part-fund two full-time individuals on 9-month contracts with InfraCore to provide sustainable training to ensure the participants are competent within their position and able to confidently return or enter into the workforce. On the completion of their contracts the individuals will be eligible to apply for permanent positions if these are available and where permanent positions or ongoing engagement options are not available, a written reference will be provided. A buddy system will be implemented, tailored to the skills the participants are learning.

InfraCore also has a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Corrections  relating to providing post-detention work opportunities. In April members of the CCO’s senior leadership team were invited on a day trip to Waikeria Prison to showcase training facilities there and provide a clear understanding of the pathway inmates follow before being put forward for work opportunities post-detention.

Meanwhile, a combination of business optimisation initiatives and non-budgeted work opportunities continues to position InfraCore well to exceed the budgetary position for the third quarter, it has reported. “This is great news and places us in the strongest financial position that InfraCore has ever been in. This will allow us to reinvest back into further replacing tired plant and equipment that will result in further reduced running costs and operational efficiencies,” InfraCore’s report says.

You can read the full InfraCore update by going to p12 of the meeting agenda

View the InfraCore presentation HERE

Rotorua Economic Development (trading as Destination Rotorua)

The CCO, alongside iwi and other partners, has been working on progressing commercial and industrial land development, facilitating discussions for inner city residential development and progressing development of concept designs for a lakefront commercial building to be used for a prospectus to secure potential food and beverage operators for the development. Work has also been progressing to build the commercial investment case for the building, according to RED’s update to the Operations & Monitoring Committee.

Concessions for operators at Te Putake o Tawa forest hub have been finalised by RED and most of these operators will relocate once construction on a semi-permanent site is completed around November 2021. Pending negotiations with a preferred hospitality provider, RED is also pushing forward with design of the Titokorangi precinct [in the Redwoods] including the visitor centre.

RED recently facilitated hui with Māori tourism operators and it was agreed RED would engage with NZ Māori Tourism to look at working collaboratively in the longer term and to continue to support the re-establishment of a collective of Māori in tourism that will be operator-led with a “by Te Arawa for Te Arawa” approach strongly supported.

You can read the full Rotorua Economic Development update by going to p23 of the meeting agenda.

Rotorua Airport Limited

The CCO is progressing with a variety of work for five projects related to the proposed development of airport land precincts – general aviation precinct (hangar and clubhouse facilities); heliport enhancement and adjoining facilities; expanded terminal retail facilities; on-side training facilities; and jet hangar, apron parking and aircraft facilitation services. Subject to feasibility assessments, the projects will be advanced to a point of business case for approval from the CCO board.

A parent’s room has been added to facilities in the airport terminal, the development of which has been nominated and subsequently shortlisted for the Property Council of New Zealand Awards in the tourism and leisure category. The national awards will be held in August.

A financial surplus was driven by better than forecast revenue with projected passenger numbers exceeded for the quarter. April was an “exceptionally good month” for the airport, . The Operations & Monitoring Committee heard.

You can read the full Rotorua Airport update by going to p12 of the meeting agenda.

View the Rotorua Airport presentation HERE





The meeting was livestreamed and you can access the recording HERE on Council’s YouTube channel.

You can view the full agenda for the meeting HERE on Council’s website. The agenda includes the monthly Operational Report which provides updates from across the council organisation on projects, work programmes, services and events.

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