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30 April 2021

Council has adopted an Open Space Level of Service Policy that will guide requirements for open space in Rotorua.

Adoption of the policy follows community consultation.

The Open Space Level of Service Policy will set the requirements for open space, including within new development areas, and will provide guidance to assess the suitability of existing open space against standards outlined in the policy, to ensure the district’s open space network is fit for purpose.

In addition, the Policy is intended to:

  • Provide clarity on what we want to achieve from our Open Space network;
  • Provide certainty to Council, developers and the community on future provision;
  • Ensure an integrated approach with walking, cycling, stormwater etc;
  • Provide the rationale for financial contributions;
  • Provide the link between the purpose of the reserve and how we maintain it;
  • Ensure alignment with Council’s strategic direction including the Housing and Thriving Communities Strategy and Sport and Recreation Strategy.

The policy aims to ensure that open spaces are accessible to all, that the open space network is connected, protected and enhanced and that it delivers great outcomes in partnership with Te Arawa and the wider community.

Once a policy is adopted the next steps will be to develop a network plan which will look at the existing network and review alignment with the new policy.

You can view the report on this matter that was considered earlier this month by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee HERE

Petition received

Council received a petition requesting that the council “recognise and declare the Springfield Golf Course to be a taonga (treasure) to the people of Rotorua and that the land should continue to be leased to the Springfield Golf Club and used as a golf course”.

The petitioners oppose the Westbrook sporting precinct and housing development proposal signalled for discussion and consultation as part of the 2024-2034 Long-term Plan.

The petitioners spoke to their petition and answered questions from elected members who formally received the petition.

You can go directly to this portion of the livestreamed meeting via THIS LINK

Regional Council update on air quality

Members of the Rotorua Air Quality Working Party presented an update to Council during the meeting.

You can go directly to this portion of the livestreamed meeting via THIS LINK

View the presentation slides relating to this matter HERE

Other decisions

Funding policy: Council adopted a review of the Community Funding Investment Policy with amendments recommended by staff, excluding the recommended change to the community grants funding range which will remain at between $1000-$5000 (not $3000 to $5000 as was recommended by staff). You can view the report that was considered by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee on this matter HERE and view the presentation slides related to this matter HERECouncil also agreed that the Te Rākau Tū Pakiri Fund, established as a one-year fund to support to community organisations impacted by COVID-19, be closed in September 2021.

Waste assessment: Council has approved the Rotorua Waste Assessment 2021 following its presentation to the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee earlier this month. You can view the waste assessment HERE and the report that was considered by SP&F HERE 

Deaccession: Council approved the deaccession of specified objects from the collection of Rotorua Museum Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa. You can view the report that was considered by the Operations & Monitoring Committee on this matter HERE

CCO Statements: Council agreed to submit agreed comments on the Draft Statements of Intent (SOI) for its Council-Controlled Organisation (CCOs) – InfraCore Limited, Rotorua Regional Airport Limited and Rotorua Economic Development Limited – for their consideration in finalising their SOI. You can view the report on this matter that was presented to the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee HERE

Today’s meeting was livestreamed. You can access the full recording HERE on Council’s YouTube channel.




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