Stormwater infrastructure upgrades underway



18 March 2021

Rotorua Lakes Council is investing $1.5 million in stormwater upgrades to improve flood control and support residential development.

Work is well underway on the King Street stormwater upgrades, contractors will be working for the next couple of months installing new pipes to increase the capacity of the stormwater system in that area.

This work will help to alleviate some of the issues that arise during periods of heavy rain and will increase capacity to support the growth in housing in that part of town. Additional works in the future will be required to complete stormwater protection in this area.

“Rotorua Lakes Council has an on-going is responsibility to ensure the district has safe, effective and efficient infrastructure. The upgrades underway at King Street will improve the standard of the stormwater system for the current and proposed residential areas,” says Infrastructure Group Manager Stavros Michael.

“Investment in infrastructure is one part of the work Council is doing to enable residential growth and support thriving communities across the district. We’ve upgraded stormwater in the Pukehangi/Clayton Road area and planning is underway for further significant upgrades to support growth in the Western and Eastern suburbs.”

As part of the King Street upgrades approximately 700m of gravity operated stormwater mains will be installed about two metres underground. The new pipes will run from Ranolf Street, down King Street and into Sheaf Park where it will connect to the major stormwater network near Trade Central.

In Rotorua, the existing stormwater network includes more than 150km of open channels and 250km of gravity operated pipes. On top of major upgrade projects the King Street work is part of Council’s investment of approximately $3million in its stormwater renewals programme each year.

Planning for stormwater upgrades in the Western and Eastern suburbs is also well underway. In 2020 the Government granted Council $20million for infrastructure improvements to support residential growth. This included $5million for local road upgrades.

The stormwater upgrades will include new pipes, increasing the size and capacity of current pipes and installation of catchment detention systems to help retain stormwater during significant rain events.

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