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9 February 2021

A 12-month alcohol ban for an area not included in the current Rotorua alcohol ban bylaw is being proposed to address increasing disorder and crime.

The proposed ban will be considered at an extraordinary meeting of the Full Council on Thursday (11 February 2021).

The areas where the proposed ban would take effect incorporates the Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust, Marist St Michael’s Sports Park Reserve, Shambles Theatre Reserve and adjacent Council sites (the sites that include the recycling centre) where alcohol-related crime and disorder is regularly occurring and has increased.

A report prepared for the Council to consider explains that existing tools have not been effective for dealing with the high and increasing level of alcohol-related crime and disorder in these areas. Behaviour of concern includes urinating, defecating, littering (broken bottles, aluminium cans, used hypodermic needles, general rubbish), disorderly behaviour (fighting, intimidation), drinking on site, damage to buildings and sleeping overnight.

Police are called to the areas in question at least 4 to 5 times per week to respond to disorder, antisocial behaviour and violence offences, all usually alcohol related. Behaviour causing concern in these areas is considered to be under-reported.

The issue was raised with elected members during last week’s Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting when they agreed to an extraordinary meeting of the Full Council to enable them to consider the matter as quickly as possible.

The Rotorua District Alcohol Ban Bylaw 2018, authorises Temporary Alcohol Ban Areas by Council resolution. The intent of the bylaw is to reduce alcohol-related harm, damage, disorder and crime and improve community safety by implementing alcohol restrictions in some public places.

If a temporary 12-month ban is approved Council must give public notice of the Ban not less than 14 days in advance.

After declaring a Temporary Alcohol Ban Area, Council must erect signage in accordance with section 7 of the Rotorua District Alcohol Ban Bylaw 2018, no less than 7 days prior to the Ban taking effect and for the duration of the Ban.

During the 12-month period an evaluation of the effectiveness would be completed and reported back to Council.


You can view the report to the Council on this matter HERE on Council’s website

You can view the current Rotorua District Alcohol Ban Bylaw 2018 HERE on Council’s website

The meeting will be livestreamed and you can access livestreaming and/or the recording of the meeting via THIS LINK on Council’s website or by going directly to Council’s YouTube channel HERE


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