Sustainable solutions for sustainable travel



6 February 2020


Four upcycled paihikara (bike) parking stands were installed in the CBD last week.

The stands were designed and manufactured locally and have been created using materials from Rotorua’s old parking meters. They feature the Māori word ‘paihikara’ which translates to bicycle.

Two of the paihikara stands were installed in Te Manawa, and two on Eruera Street.

A steady increase of locals choosing to travel by bike has created a need for more places to park them.

Between March 2016 and March 2020, data shows an 83% increase in the number of ‘wheeled users’ (including scooters, bikes, prams, wheelchairs and mobility scooters) on 12 popular travel routes in Rotorua.

The growing shared path network in Rotorua has been a catalyst to more people opting to leave the car at home for short trips.

Rotorua Lakes Council’s Safe and Sustainable Journeys Manager, Niki Carling, is pleased to see an increase in residents using sustainable modes of travel.

“The flat and condensed landscape of Rotorua is ideal for active travel, and more people are realising just how easy it is to bike or walk around our city. Increasing sustainable modes of travel in our district is a key aim of Council and this has helped drive the growth of our shared path network.”

Council’s Safe and Sustainable Journey team is currently looking for feedback on how they can improve the functionality of the bike parking design, before expanding the number of paihikara parking sites. Email with suggestions and ideas.

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