Ride or stride city wide!



7 January 2021

Get on your bike, and be where you need to be within minutes.
Featured article Tatau Tatau Magazine - December 2020

Julie Parsons coordinates volunteers for Rotorua Museum tours and Rotorua Lakes Council events. This time of year she is especially busy also facilitating the Creative Communities Scheme.

Biking to work every day has become part of Julie’s daily routine, aided by the shared path network that gives her a smooth and easy ride into the CBD. Her morning bike commute means more time to relax later in the day.

“The best thing is that you feel refreshed and energised by the time you get to work. And you don’t have to find an extra part of your day to fit in some exercise, because you’re already doing it!”

“I live in Springfield and absolutely love riding to work – it just puts a smile on my face. It takes me 10 to 15 minutes to get into town. It’s really quick and there are plenty of places to lock your bike up all over the city.”

Between March 2016 and March 2020 the number of people biking, scootering, using wheelchairs and mobility scooters on Springfield Road has increased 276 per cent.

Julie uses the Fenton Street shared path as a direct route to town. She loves how the shared path network connects her with the CBD as well as with the natural landscapes around Rotorua that make our city unique.

“On my way home I can deviate to the Sulphur Point pathway and get an extra little bit of enjoyment from nature on the way.”

The convenience of biking is a major bonus. Julie rides to and from work, to meetings, and to Government Gardens to take ‘Outside the Walls’ walking tours. “It’s just so quick to leave the office, get on your bike, and be where you need to be within minutes.

“I choose to ride on the shared paths simply because it makes you feel safe when you’re riding around the city. There’s plenty of room, and I use a bell to make sure anyone walking in front of me can hear me coming.”

Ride or stride city wide

It is now easier than ever to ditch your car for short trips and enjoy alternative ways to get around. With six shared path projects completed this year alone, more residents are taking up the opportunity to commute safely to work or school.

Click on the image to see the online urban biking and walking map

Explore the more than 34km of shared paths in our city.

Do you live in Pukehangi?

The 4km Linton Park shared path will take you from Pukehangi Road, through the grassy reserves of Linton Park East and West, ending at Sunset Road behind the Mount View shops.

Want to go for a cruisy bike ride but not keen to ride on the roadside?

Ride along the 3km Utuhina Stream shared path which begins on Devon Street West and weaves its way along the stream. The last section is lime chip, which helps to protect the roots of the redwoods that line the path. The route emerges on Old Taupo Road near the entrance to Shirley Street.

Venture to the Rotorua Farmers Market from Ngongotahā

Taui Street footpath has been upgraded to a shared path to connect the Ngongotahā trail to the lakeside Reeme Street Reserve path – 6.8km from Reeme Street Reserve to Lake Road.

Finish a walk with your dog along Te Ngae Road next to the Redwoods area

Along the edge of Scion’s tree archive (otherwise known as the dog exercise area), the Te Ngae Road shared path is part of Stage One of Waka Kotahi’s (NZTA) Eastern Corridor project, providing easy access to the Redwoods area of the forest to and from Sala Street.

How to share with care

Please keep left, ride safely and be mindful of other path users.

Ring your bike bell or call out on approach to let others know that you are about to pass.

Looking for more reasons to try out the shared paths in your neighbourhood?

Art by Bike: Last Saturday of the month (September – April), 10am For more information, contact julie.parsons@rotorualc.nz

Walk and Wheels Wednesday: All local schools are invited to take part throughout Summer 2020/2021. Contact cycling@rotorualc.nz for tips and tricks on how to get started.

National Go By Bike Day: Wednesday 17 February 2021.

Frocks on Bikes: Saturday 20 February 2021. For more information, contact cycling@rotorualc.nz

For more events and updates follow @SafeandSustainableJourneys on Facebook. 

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