Play it safe around pools this summer



20 December 2020

As the weather heats up, pool covers will be coming off and inflatable or temporary pools will be popping up around neighbourhoods across the district.

While pools and outdoor accessories are fun, they can also be a hazard, especially for little people around the home.

To keep summer safe and fun, Rotorua Lakes Council is reminding people to take extra care with pool safety this season.

Pool safety legislation requires Council to inspect residential pools every three years however, it’s important that pool owners carry out their own maintenance and inspections to help keep their friends and family safe.

Pool safety legislation was updated in 2017 to better protect children from drowning in residential swimming pools. The updated legislation is part of the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016 which outlines requirements for pool inspections, safety covers, fencing and barriers, and inflatable and temporary pools. 

One of the key changes to the legislation was around pool barriers. Portable pools, inflatable pools and temporary pools are now all treated in the same way as other residential pools. They must have barriers that restrict unsupervised access by young children if they can hold water to a depth of 400mm or more, and have water in them (even if the pool is only partially filled).

If you are concerned about an inflatable or temporary pool becoming a hazard in your neighbourhood you can contact Council on 07 348 4199.

You can reduce the risks even further by:

  • always supervising children in or near a pool;
  •  keeping fences and gates in good condition;
  • making sure the gate to the pool is always safely shut;
  • removing objects that enable children to climb over barriers;
  • emptying portable pools when they’re not in use;
  • setting rules of behaviour around the pool and teaching your child water safety, swimming and survival skills;
  • clearing away toys and floatation aids from the pool area when not in use;
  • NEVER propping open the pool gate;
  • learning first aid and resuscitation.

For more pool safety guidance, or to check that your pool barriers are compliant, visit our pool safety information page at

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