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18 November 2020

Rotorua residents are now able to have their say on the draft Open Space Level of Service Policy.

Over the past ten years, Rotorua communities have seen a significant growth in populations and in response, we are seeing a greater investment into residential development. As the district grows, the standard of the open space network in Rotorua will need to reflect the expectations of and provide value to our community. 

To achieve this, Council has developed a draft Open Space Level of Service Policy that will provide a framework to help set the standard for future open spaces. The Policy will also help guide assessments of the existing open space network to ensure it meets a determined level of service for the community.

The level of service standards in the draft Policy include accessibility, quality, quantity, and function. The standards will inform open space requirements in new developments and will also be applied to the existing open space network to ensure it is fit for purpose.

What are the main objectives of the Policy?

The proposed Policy identifies the following objectives for the open space network:

  • It is accessible to all,
  • It is connected with neighbourhoods and places people want to go,
  • It is protected and enhanced,
  • It is something Rotorua can be proud of,
  • It will deliver great outcomes in partnership with Te Arawa and the wider community.

What are the four levels of service standard?

  • Quality standards – what our open spaces should look and feel like.
  • Quantity standards – how much open space we should have.
  • Accessibility standards – how far people should have to travel to get to an open space.
  • Function standards – the range of experiences the open space network provides.

The Policy will also align with the work that Council and various community partners are doing to plan for the future of Rotorua by creating thriving communities that enhance the wellbeing of our people. A key part of creating thriving communities is ensuring residents have access to open space and recreation areas, providing a diverse range of experiences for people to enjoy.

Elected members approved the draft Policy for public consultation at the full Council meeting on 29 October 2020. View the livestream of the presentation to the Strategy, Policy & Finance committee on 8 October here

Consultation on the draft Open Space Level of Service Policy is open from today (Wednesday 18 November) to Wednesday 16 December.

To read the draft Policy and to have your say go to www.rotorualakescouncil.nz/openspacepolicy

To make a submission on the policy you can:

Rotorua Lakes Council
Private Bag 3029
Rotorua Mail Centre
Rotorua 3046

Or via email to info@rotorualc.nz

Feedback closes on Wednesday 16 December at 4.30pm

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