Recycling week begins with some tips and insight



19 October 2020


New Zealand Recycling Week (19 - 25 October) is about encouraging New Zealanders to learn more about how recycling works, and how to use recycling systems to minimise their household waste and environmental footprint.

This Recycling Week we will share some tips, take a closer look at how to improve recycling habits, and find out how recycling can help minimise household waste.


What is 'contamination and how does it effect the recycling collection for Rotorua?

▪️ Items that are not supposed to be put in the recycling bin, or any dirty recyclables are considered 'contaminants'. They could make clean recyclable items dirty (no longer recyclable), or simply impact the value of the collected recycling.

▪️The level of contamination in Rotorua's recycling is about 19%. The higher the level of recycling contamination, the lower the value of the collected recycling as there is more work needed to sort and separate it at Materials Recovery Facilities.

▪️On-selling the collected recycling contributes to lowering the cost of Rotorua’s recycling service, and therefore, lowers the total cost of the recycling service for ratepayers.

For more about the recycling service in Rotorua, and to find out what items can go into the yellow lid recycling bin, click here.











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