An update on the Utuhina shared path



31 August 2020 

In mid-July, contractors began work to lay lime chip at the Old Taupō Road end of the Utuhina shared path, and construction is now complete. This 420-metre section was a challenge to upgrade due to the close proximity of the path to the stream and existing Redwood trees. 

Lime chip is used on shared paths where tree roots need more room to grow and could potentially crack asphalt or concrete.

Take a look at the map of the shared path network to find out where it weaves through your neighbourhood.



In January, contractors begun working their way progressively along the track from Malfroy Road, to Old Taupō Road. The end of the path emerges on Old Taupō Road near the entrance to Shirley Street.

The track is used by bikers and pedestrians, and was previously a dirt path.

Flat sections of the track are being resurfaced with asphalt, and concrete is used where the ground is undulating or prone to surface flooding.

Recently completed shared path projects include Linton Park Link, Taui Street and Pukuatua Street.

Shared paths are designed to suit a wide range of users. They improve access and safety for those with reduced mobility, create space for young families with prams, scooters or bikes, and provide space for cyclists to move about more freely and be separated from traffic if they are not confident riding on the road.

Each project is part of the National Urban Cycle Programme. This programme supports the district’s Urban Cycling Strategic Plan that aims to provide our community with safe and enjoyable riding facilities. Funding for the programme is shared between Rotorua Lakes Council, Government and the New Zealand Transport Agency.


How can I stay in the loop with shared path activities and news?

You can get updates and read about events on the shared path network by following Rotorua Lakes Council on Facebook, or by contacting

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