Local communities to benefit from furniture donations



18 July 2020 


Three local community groups have been able to furnish their offices with furniture donated by Council.

The Rotorua Pacific Island Charitable Development Trust (RPIDCT), Rotorua Tongan Community, and Linton Park Community Centre received desks, chairs, shelves and cupboards and have used the various pieces to furnish their community centres.

These charitable groups work with local and cultural communities, proving guidance and assistance.

The office furniture had been in storage following renovations at the Civic Centre, and was collected by group representatives late last week.

Groups like these rely on donations and community funding to be able to dedicate their time and resources to supporting, educating, and sometimes even feeding residents of Rotorua.

The Linton Park Community Centre is part way through renovating their meeting room into a multipurpose space.

Facilities Manager & Programme Coordinator Veena Kameta is excited about how their donated furniture will contribute to the community being able to gather and enjoy their time at the centre.

“As a result of COVID-19, we have had many more locals come in who need help. The large meeting table means we have plenty of space for however the room needs to be used… we can have meetings, meals and games right here. We also want to add some murals on the walls and brighten up the space so that everyone feels comfortable here.”


You can find out more about the Rotorua Pacific Island Charitable Development Trust (RPIDCT) here, Rotorua Tongan Community here, and Linton Park Community Centre here.

Council works closely with a variety of local community groups to help promote the services they offer, and help them to maximise funding opportunities. Find more information on Council’s funding opportunities such as the Neighbourhood Matching Fund, the Creative Communities fund, and Partnership Agreement funding, click here.

Renewal of the Civic Centre was approved in the 2015-25 Long-term Plan with $3.9m allocated in total and the project expected to take up to six years. Now 30 years old, the building is in need of renewal, including building infrastructure such as air conditioning and services like data wiring which is now obsolete.

The Civic Centre project is being completed in three stages. The work started in 2017 with roof repairs, a re-fit of public toilets in the customer centre and re-tiling of part of the ground floor (public area). Work is expected to be complete in 2021.


Council’s Events Facilitator Vernei Mullen and Mata Mafileo from RPIDCT, with the donated furniture at The Rotorua Pacific Island Charitable Development Trust (RPIDCT).



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