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29 June 2020

Feedback received on Rotorua Lakes Council’s draft 2020/21 Annual Plan will be considered by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee on tomorrow [Tuesday 30 June].

The Annual Plan is the link between delivery of services and projects, and the annual setting of rates.  

Pre COVID-19 the Council, the rural and lakes community boards and Council’s Te Arawa partnership board Te Tatau o te Arawa committed to a series of forums that addressed the priorities for Council and the alignment to year three of the 2018-28 Long-term Plan.  

Council reconsidered its direction as a result of COVID-19 and on 25 March adopted the Rotorua Recovery Plan – Build Back Better, aligning to the Government’s strategy to fight the virus, cushion the impact and position for recovery.

Eight strategies with corresponding actions were developed as part of the recovery plan and these underpin the proposed Annual Plan.

The strategies and actions are:

Provide for cushioning the blow

-Continue to offer rates deferment in 2020-21

A prudent approach to rating

-One-off savings to achieve a 0% increase in the general rate

-4.7% increase in targeted rates for new essential wastewater, water supply and refuse services.

-Reduce UAGC by $25 to achieve a fairer and more even impact of targeted rates increases

Economic recovery planning

-Partnerships with Government, Te Arawa and business leaders implemented to shape recovery action across the short, medium and long term

Directly investing in recovery

-New $1m one-off resilience fund to support community initiatives.

-Recommence existing capital projects to drive employment

-New $29m fund for partnership projects that create employment and stimulate the economy. 

Prudent use of debt funding

-One-off $1m debt funding for the Airport.

-Reduction in fees and charges income will further increase debt. $4.5m currently forecasted.

Planning to adapt and managing risk

-Management of risk through a deliberate staged approach to operational and capital commitments during 2020-21. 

Responding to emerging adverse impacts

-Continue to monitor wellbeing indicators and Government responses

-Evaluate local impacts across the four wellbeings

-Be prepared to respond to emerging challenges

-Continue to support the Rotorua ‘all of Government’ collective impact group

-Be prepared for Council to support Government’s response locally

-Maintain longer-term focus 

Responding to circumstances but maintaining direction

-Continuity of Council services

-Key place-making projects continue

-Homes and thriving communities strategy continues

-Recovery strategy enabled

Engagement on the proposals was undertaken from 19 May until 17 June with about 200 people and organisations providing feedback.

Following consideration of the feedback tomorrow, the committee will make recommendations to the Full Council for its consideration on 9 July, when the Annual Plan will be adopted and the rates for the 2020/21 year will be struck. 

View the full report being considered by the committee tomorrow, including the summary of feedback provided by the community, HERE.

View the draft Annual Plan and other related information at THIS LINK on Council's website.

Tomorrow’s meeting in the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre is open to the public and started at 9.30am.

The meeting is being livestreamed and you can access the livestream via THIS LINK on Council’s website, or via Council’s YouTube channel HERE.

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