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17 June 2020

Feedback for the 2020/2021 Annual Plan and Rotorua Wastewater Services Operation – Statement of Proposal close today (17 June 2020).

Consultation for both discussions has been underway since 19 May 2020. Public information sessions were held at Council during the past two weeks to give people the opportunity to speak directly to elected members and Council officers.

Formal hearings for the decision on the future of Waste Water Services are scheduled for 9:30am on Thursday 25 June 2020

Annual Plan deliberations and decisions will take place at the Strategy, Policy & Finance committee meeting on 30 June to make recommendations to go to the full Council meeting on 9 July.

2020/2021 Annual Plan

The impact of COVID19 will be felt across the entire district and we now need to consider changes to the Annual Plan which recognise and focuses on our commitment to cushion the impact of COVID-19 and implement our economic recovery strategy.

Our role is to make sure we support recovery by being robust, resilient and as quick as possible.

An Annual Plan has been drafted to support the work that will be required to cushion the blow, and build back better. It recognises and responds to the challenges faced by Rotorua, and provides flexibility to address new challenges and opportunities that may emerge.

Council have approved an annual plan consultation document and now want your feedback to guide them in their decision making. It’s time to have your say and tell us what you think about the proposed plan.

It includes things like a zero percent general rates increase, and increases only in targeted rates to fund core essential services like wastewater, water and refuse collection.

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Rotorua Wastewater Services Operations - Statement of Proposal

This conversation is about the day-to-day operations of our wastewater services. We need to talk to you about the operation of our wastewater services in the face of the risks and challenges including the environmental and financial risks.

This conversation is about the management of our wastewater services only. It is about the stewardship of a $400m service network and the future provisions that ensure we have a stable, reliable and safe wastewater service.

Please do not confuse this with the conversation on the Rotorua wastewater treatment plant upgrade and the treated wastewater release point option. This is a separate conversation and is on hold while we await a decision from the Environment Court.

Our key aim is to ensure that we have stable, reliable and safe wastewater services now and in the years ahead.

Stable means the condition of the critical part of the network does not deteriorate.

Reliable means the reliability of the service and that no unforeseen shock events disrupt the service for users.

Safe means that shock events do not cause unreasonable safety risks to our communities.

The proposal can be likened to car insurance. We currently have third party but we actually need to have full coverage. We need to ensure we have the right cover to protect the network and ensure operations are managed to a level that is stable, reliable and safe. And we need a level of protection that will not cripple the district in the event of a major shock event.

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