The parking app, PrestoPark, is here!



15 May 2020

The parking app, PrestoPark, is here!

We are pleased to announce that the parking app, PrestoPark, is here! 

The PrestoPark app provides an additional and contactless way to pay for parking in Rotorua’s inner city.

The app is available for Apple users here and for Android users here. Or you can search for it in your app store by its name, PrestoPark.

The app has been developed by the same company that i-Park uses for the Council approved parking machines.

A comprehensive set of FAQs and app instructions are available on i-Park’s website HERE.

Key FAQs are as follows:

What are the benefits of using PrestoPark?

  • The ability to instigate and manage parking transactions in all paid parking zones in Rotorua, except the Pukuatua St parking building
  • No need to walk to a parking machine – simply use your phone
  • Start your transaction from wherever you are
  • If you end up running later than you thought, extend your existing transaction (remember to adhere to sign posted time limits)
  • If you return earlier than expected, stop your transaction
  • Receive an optional notification prior to your parking stay ending
  • The ability to use the app for multiple vehicles
  • GPS location to help you identify which zone you are in (your device, not your car)

Is there a transaction fee for using the app?

Yes, there is a fee to use the PrestoPark app. This covers the development and ongoing maintenance costs as well as the service fees incurred. Rotorua Lakes Council has set the fee at 10% of the transaction value, up to a maximum fee of $0.50.

Example of fee structure:Is the app secure?

Yes, PrestoPark registers your credit card with the payment provider who provides a token to the app that identifies it for future transactions. The PrestoPark app retains only that token. For more information on this, view the Privacy Policy on the PrestoPark app’s main menu.

When I registered with PrestoPark my number plate was already there. How does the app know these details?

Everyone who has previously used the parking machines and asked for either an email or SMS receipt has an account in the background. There are no other details stored about the user, only the vehicle and associated phone number or email address. Now that you have linked the phone number or email address to the app, the system can populate the remaining information automatically.

Will I get a ticket if I don’t pay at the parking machines?

If you pay for parking using the App, the wardens will know that your parking is paid for – the system is fully integrated. If you do get a ticket you can visit the i-Park portal here to pay or appeal the fine.

Where can I give feedback?

You can report any issues you’re having with the app in the ‘Report a bug’ section. You’ll find this section in the “My Account” menu within the app.  You can also provide this information when the app asks for a rating from time to time.

Page reviewed: 15 May 2020 5:46pm