Mayor highlights how Council is supporting local



30 April 2020

Rotorua Mayor highlights how Council is supporting local

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick highlights how Council is supporting local as part of Rotorua’s Build Back Better economic recovery strategy.

“Supporting local businesses will be crucial to support the recovery of our local economy and the future wellbeing and sustainability of our community,” says Mayor Chadwick

“Rotorua’s Build Back Better economic recovery strategy is all about supporting local business with the aim to create a confident business environment that encourages investment and the emergence of new sectors. We are working closely with the business sector and other partners on the recovery strategy and will also continue to advocate at national level on Rotorua’s behalf.

“Council is committed to buying local services and products wherever possible through its procurement policy, by giving greater weighting to local providers of trades and services,” says Mayor Chadwick.

“We will also be doing whatever we can to support go/buy local campaigns to encourage residents to support our local businesses and keep our people in jobs.”

Ways Rotorua Lakes Council is supporting local business:

  • Council is working with the local business community, iwi and government agencies on this with council CCO Rotorua Economic Development (RED) leading the establishment of a business steering group and sector groups to develop local strategies for recovery.
  • Re-starting existing capital projects as soon as is possible and prudent.
  • A rates deferral option impacted businesses for the May 2020 rates instalment is being offered.
  • Identifying and submitting projects that could be accelerated/brought forward with Central Government investment (submitted to Crown Infrastructure Partners).
  • Continuing work on a district housing strategy which has potential to contribute to keeping local businesses going and people in jobs through construction and associated sectors as well as addressing our critical housing shortage;
  • Council is strengthening its council procurement policy to increase the emphasis on wherever possible using local contractors, consultants and services. Additional pro-local actions undertaken in terms of procurement include:

    - significantly increasing the weighting applied to the Local Economic Impact and Broader Outcomes attribute;
    - proactively encouraging local contractors to bid for projects;
    - using invited tender processes limited to local contractors only;
    - having open tender processes but requiring participants to have a local office or depot to be considered as conforming.
  • Council’s CCO Rotorua Economic Development (RED) is also working directly with businesses to provide support and advice, to ensure Rotorua’s “voice” is heard at a national level.
  • RED has also created a Locals’ Hub on its website ( for local businesses to let people know they are open and this will be promoted on Council channels including website and social media. Visit the Hub HERE.
  • Council is lobbying for the retention of Airways services (traffic control) at Rotorua Airport following a proposal that these be removed. We believe this would be another major setback, impacting on our economic recovery.

For more information on the above initiatives, see the links below:

  • Info re rates deferral scheme is HERE
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  • Info re projects submitted for potential Govt funding through CIP is HERE
  • More about council’s procurement policy review and increased weighting for local business/contractors can be found on p47 of the Full Council Meeting agenda for 30 April HERE
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