What's happening along the lake edge?



10 March 2020

Lakefront construction update

To make sure the new lake edge is constructed on a solid foundation, our contractors, HEB Construction Ltd, with help from Geostabilization NZ, are currently stabilising a section of the lakefront.

To do this, an excavator mounted with a specialised mixing arm, delivers a cement and lime slurry into the ground, and then mixes the slurry with the ground – check this out in the video below!

This is done within the cofferdam (sheet piling wall) that has been constructed around the site. Once the mixed ground has hardened, the excess mixture is removed to a depth below the existing lakebed.

The new stabilised foundation is tested to make sure it is as strong as required to support the new lakefront structures. While this work is going on, the project’s cultural and environmental monitors keep a close eye on things to make sure the lake and surrounding reserve are not negatively impacted. 

Learn more about this project at rotorualakescouncil.nz/lakefrontdevelopment.


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