Car park temporarily closed at new forest hub site



10 October 2019

Car park temporarily closed at new forest hub site
As part of the new forest hub development currently underway off Tarawera Road, the entrance to this hub is being widened. The construction of the new entrance will begin on Monday 14 October and will mean that the current small dirt car park, opposite the black house on Tarawera Road, will be closed from Monday (this car park is marked as No.2 on the map below). The car park is scheduled to be open again by the Christmas/New Year break but we will keep you posted on how work progresses. 
Recommended alternative parking is down the road at Lake Tikitapu or at one of the other forest hubs such as Waipa or Long Mile Road. 
We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this work and appreciate your continued patience throughout this development. 

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