Council/Police inner city safety campaign ongoing



3 October 2019

A highly visible mobile security camera in Rotorua’s inner city has had an immediate impact in deterring anti-social behaviour.

The mobile camera has been located in Pukuatua Street since Monday in response to anti-social behaviour around the entrance to the city’s carpark building.

 “Fixed security cameras located around the inner city and have been very effective in helping to prevent and de-escalate crime and anti-social behaviour, working collaboratively with the police,” Council’s Inner City Manager Richard Horn says.

“But we’re always looking at what more we can do and with the carpark building becoming a trouble spot we decided to see if parking the mobile camera nearby would put a stop to that, which it appears to have done. There are fixed security cameras in the area but these are not so visible or obvious. Council has had the mobile camera for some years and uses it for the likes of events, but this is the first time we’ve used it in this way so it’s another tool we can consider using more often.

“It’s part of ongoing fine-tuning of inner city safety initiatives and our partnership with the police with a focus on our shared outcome, which is people feeling safe in the inner city,” Mr Horn says.

Last summer Council teamed up with the police to focus on inner city safety, increasing CCTV monitoring, extending patrols by the Safe City Guardians and doing these jointly with police and security staff, alongside regular meetings with police to share information and discuss concerns.

There are 48 fixed security cameras located throughout the inner city and these are monitored by Council. An inner city community constable provides additional support and engages with local businesses, providing advice and assistance as needed.

The increased patrolling has continued since last summer and Council and police continue to meet regularly and are discussing plans for the summer months ahead.

“We know there are still issues but we have had a lot of positive response and support from the public and businesses in the inner city, including Eat Streat, about the impact they see as a result of the patrols and the support provided by the community constable,” Mr Horn says.

Senior Sergeant Karl Konlechner of the Rotorua Police says the joint approach to inner city safety benefits all parties and particularly the community.

“We want people to feel safe but we can’t be everywhere at once, so the partnership with Council means we have additional eyes and ears on the street and are receiving immediate information that enables us to respond quickly,” he says.

“We are aware some activity and incidents are not being reported to us so would really encourage people to make sure they do report these so they can be dealt with. We don’t want people trying to deal with matters themselves and want to ensure we get a complete picture of what’s happening so that we can continue to re-assess and review our response.”

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