Heavy rain possible overnight



3 September 2019

Rotorua Lakes Council is making the usual preparations in advance of heavy rain which has been forecast for Rotorua and Bay of Plenty.

At this stage [as at 2.30pm today], according to current forecasting which Rotorua Lakes Council is monitoring, some heavy rainfall is expected in Rotorua between about 10pm tonight and 4am tomorrow before easing for a while ahead of some further potentially heavy rainfall until the afternoon. Rain is forecast for the next several days so that means saturation levels are likely to become high across the district and Council will continue to monitor things closely.

Council preparations underway include:

  • Inspection of critical stormwater systems to ensure they are clear of blockages and functioning;
  • Lowering of wastewater storage pond levels as much as possible in anticipation of increased flow into the wastewater treatment plant during heavy rainfall;
  • Monitoring of weather forecasting;
  • Monitoring of reports of surface flooding, slips and treefalls to help Council determine if its emergency operations centre should be activated;
  • Keeping in close contact with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council flood management team which monitors rain gauges and water levels in Rotorua’s waterways and will alert Council to rising water levels that may require alerting communities or taking emergency action.

People are encouraged to monitor weather forecasting and warnings.

During heavy rainfall please travel only if absolutely necessary and if they are driving to be aware of the risk of slips and treefalls.

Anyone concerned about flooding of their property is advised to consider purchasing sandbags which are available at some garden supply centres.

People can also assist and reduce the potential for surface flooding by checking and clearing drains on their properties and roadside. Any major issues relating to roadside drains should be reported to Council (ph 07 348 4199). Council’s call centre operates 24/7.

Anyone needing urgent assistance should call 111. Emergency services will contact Council to help if/as needed.  


For the latest regarding the severe weather warning go to THIS LINK on www.metservice.com

For other local forecasting information go to THIS LINK on www.metservice.com


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