Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee decisions



8 August 2019

Extending the lease on land at Lake Okareka where Fire & Emergency New Zealand wants to build a new fire station has received support from Council’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee.

The recommendation to extend the term of the lease for FENZ to 33 years, with one right of renewal of 33 years, will go to the Full Council later this month for final decision-making.

The existing lease is for 20 years. Council was approached in 2015 by Lake Okareka Fire Fighting Force Inc to extend the existing fire station into an adjacent recreation reserve which resulted, following public consultation, in the status of the adjacent reserve being changed to enable that to occur.

Responsibility for the service was subsequently delegated to FENZ which it was established. It wants to invest in a new fire station incorporating current functions plus additional facilities and requires a longer term lease to support its investment and enable the proposed development to occur.

“With the advent of FENZ and a growing population both within Lake Okareka and the wider Rotorua area, the opportunity and need of the communities is for a broader based emergency response,” the report considered by the committee today says. “This improved capability would provide additional support to the surrounding communities on the eastern side of Rotorua, increasing the impact of the brigade and the effectively of FENZ response into these areas. This improves the resilience of the local and wider communities.”

Go to p45 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda to read the full report on this matter.

Delegations to Chief Executive during interim election period

The committee passed a recommendation that the Full Council  approves delegating its responsibilities, duties and powers to the chief executive for the period from the day after the declaration of local election results until the swearing in of the new Council. This would be subject to the limitations set out by local government legislation and subject to consultation with the person elected as mayor, reporting to the first meeting of the new Council and only regarding matters that cannot reasonably wait for the first meeting of the new Council.

The recommendation, which will go to the Full Council meeting later this month, includes that if there are any urgent decisions arising in this period requiring significant political input an extraordinary Council meeting will be called.

Go to p21 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda to view the report on this matter.

Local government conference reports

Mayor Chadwick and Councillors Dave Donaldson and Mark Gould reported back on their attendance and learnings from this year’s Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) conference.

Go to p10 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda to read the reports from Councillors Donaldson and Gould. The Mayor's report from the conference was also tabled and will be available in the meeting minutes which will be available via THIS LINK on Council's website.

Proposed amendment to Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy

The Committee is recommending approval of proposed changes to the council’s Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy for public consultation in September.

The committee heard that the proposed changes align to recent legislative changes and will also simplify the policy which provides a tool for the council to deal with buildings that are deemed dangerous and/or insanitary.

Go to p25 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda to read the full report on this matter and to view the proposed policy changes.


Today’s meeting was livestreamed and the recording, along with the agenda, can be accessed via THIS LINK on Council’s website

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