Pre-Election Report available



2 August 2019

Rotorua Lakes Council Chief Executive Geoff Williams’ pre-election report is now available to the public on Council’s website and will be delivered to households from late August.

A requirement of council chief executives under the Local Government Act, the pre-election report aims to enable informed debate around opportunities and challenges faced by Rotorua Lakes Council during the local election period (12 July to 12 October).

The report outlines what has been achieved during the past three years, key projects and the progress of those, challenges faced by the council, financials and what Council expects to do in the coming three years, and provides information to help answer questions the community has about the district’s future and the council organisation.

Mr Williams says the district’s Vision 2030 remains the blueprint for Council to position the district as a place people choose to live, work, play and invest.

“Change and progress in Rotorua is not happening by chance and further transformational change is needed to drive successful outcomes for the benefit of all Rotorua residents.”

He says challenges remain and some have come about as a result of the district’s growth and economic success.

“During the next three years our strategy will need to focus on a response to challenges such as housing availability, the next stage for inner city revitalisation and safety, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the reintroduction into local government of the four wellbeings (social, cultural, environmental and economic).”

In response to legislation change which also extends the responsibilities of council chief executives to actively promoting the upcoming local elections and encourage the community to vote and/or stand for election, Rotorua Lakes Council has launched an awareness campaign that will run for the duration of the election period.

The campaign aims to ensure the community is informed and encourage more people to vote.

See THIS LINK for e-book version of the Pre-Election Report

See THIS LINK for the pdf version of the Pre-Election Report

See THIS LINK on Council’s website for information about this year’s local body elections.


What is a pre-election report and what is its purpose?

The purpose of the report is to stimulate informed debate as well as encourage people to stand for election and encourage people to vote.

The Local Government Act requires the chief executives of local authorities to publish a pre-election report and outline what has been achieved during the previous three years, key projects and the progress of those, what Council expects to do in the coming three years, the challenges faced by council and the district and provide information about council finances.

Elected members have no involvement in the pre-election report.

See Section 99A of the Local Government Act 2002 to find out more about pre-election reports.


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