Annual Plan adopted



27 June 2019

Council has today adopted its 2019/20 Annual Plan and struck the rates for the year.

Mayor Steve Chadwick says it is a very clear annual plan which builds on the 2018-28 Long-term Plan (LTP) with a commitment to investing in infrastructure and projects that will improve local facilities.

Council today approved an overall average rates increase of 4.9%, less than the 5.1% indicated in the LTP for 2019/20. That has been achieved through additional operational efficiencies within the council organisation.

Average rates rise by category

  • Business 4.8%

  • Farming 4.8%

  • Residential rural 4.5%

  • Residential 5.0%

The Annual Plan for 2019/20 (year 2 of the LTP) reflects some minor variations to what is outlined in the LTP due to some changes in project timing and follows elected member workshops and community consultation.

It includes progressing a proposed change in the future delivery and management of wastewater services which will require an amendment to the LTP and will require further public consultation. It is proposed that Council enter into a 25-year contract to deliver wastewater services including operating, maintaining and renewal of wastewater networks and the design, build, operating, maintaining and renewal of Rotorua’s urban wastewater treatment plant.

A targeted rate to fund the operational costs of the new East Rotoiti/Rotoma sewerage scheme will come into effect for connected Rotoma properties in the 2020/21 financial year and for East Rotoiti properties as they are connected, from July 2020. Ratepayers across the district will also contribute to the operational costs. When the scheme is fully completed, all properties connected to the scheme will incur a capital contribution of $14,100 excluding GST.

Councillors Mark Gould, Peter Bentley and Raj Kumar voted against the Annual Plan.

The finalised Annual Plan for 2019/20 will be available on Council’s website from next week

Go to p85 of the Full Council meeting agenda to view the full report on the Annual Plan.

Go to p87 of the Full Council meeting agenda to view the full report relating to the rates.

Go to p39 of the June Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee agenda to view the full report presented to and debated by that committee. Go to THIS LINK to view the presentation that was made during that committee meeting relating to the Annual Plan.


Other Council decisions today

Safety around rural schools: Council has approved a road safety review around all rural schools, prompted by concerns and research presented to elected members by children from Lake Rerewhakaaitu School. They sought a speed reduction or other measures to slow traffic going past their school and a recommendation by Council staff to conduct a safety review outside all rural schools in the district was supported by elected members.

Go to THIS LINK to view the recording of the students’ presentation to the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee and THIS LINK to view their presentation slides.

Go to p13 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee agenda to view the full report on this matter, including the school’s Roadside Safety Report in support of its request for a road safety audit, including reviewing speed limits, in the vicinity of the school.

Reserve management plan for Waikawau (Hannah’s Bay Reserve): Council adopted recommendations from a hearing panel convened to consider the draft reserve management plan following extensive engagement and consultation with iwi and the local community.

Go to p22 of the Full Council meeting agenda to view the full report on the reserve management plan.


Today’s meeting was livestreamed and the livestream/recording can be accessed at THIS LINK on Council’s website.





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