CyWay Update - May 2019



20 May 2019

The path will begin in the reserve at the Pukehangi Road bridge near Edward Payton Grove (pictured above)

Upgrades to a streamside path will mean better access to Linton Park and the inner city for a wider variety of users.

The Linton Park Link will be the first of the two streamside projects included in the Rotorua CyWay network to be completed, and work will begin this week.

The shared path will follow the Mangakakahi Stream from Pukehangi Road to Sunset Road, along the existing route.

Improvements to the path will enable access for more users, including push scooters and mobility devices, by widening it to 2.5 metres and covering it with a hard surface suitable for small-wheeled devices and bicycles.

The team from Campbell Contracting Limited, which has been working on the new entrance to Long Mile Road, will be completing the work. The path work will begin at the Pukehangi end of the route where it starts at the bridge just past Edward Payton Grove.

The first section requires concrete to be laid and that will take about six weeks to complete.

While the work is taking place the path will be closed but alternative access will be available from the entry point further along Pukehangi Road (towards Sunset Road).

Similar to the new path that links Te Ngae Road to Long Mile Road, the Linton Park Link aims to provide an off-road connection from residential areas to the inner city. The path is already well used by many locals and improving it means even more people will be able to use and enjoy this community asset.

The contractors will work progressively along the path until its end point behind the shops at the CBD end of Sunset Road.

Following the completion of the Linton Park Link, a similar project will take place to upgrade the existing path that runs alongside the Utuhina Stream.

These streamside links are part of the growing CyWay network that aims to connect people to where they want to go and promote biking as an attractive and convenient form of transport. The use of shared paths in the network also encourages safer options for pedestrians and people using mobility devices. 

The picture above shows the first section of the existing path that is being improved. Contractors will work progressively along the path until its end point behind the shops at the CBD end of Sunset Road.

Project FAQs

What will change?
The existing path will be widened to 2.5 metres and covered with a hard surface that is suitable for pedestrians, wheelchairs, scooters, roller blades and bikes. The full length of the path will be approximately 3km from start to finish.

Will you be removing trees?
Contractors will carry out a general tidy-up of overhanging foliage and remove a willow treethat obstructs the stream/pathway.

How long will it take?
It is expected that the first part of the shared path will take approximately 6 weeks to complete, all going well. All work is weather dependent. Contractors will then move on to the next portion of the path further into Linton Park reserve.

Why was this path chosen for the Linton Park Link?
There is already an existing path that follows the stream towards the inner city and is well used by the community. The CyWay programme provides an opportunity to make improvements and encourage increased use.

Will the stream be affected?
Council has worked with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to gain resource consent to undertake work near the stream edge. The consent would include work required to mitigate any impact on the stream and surrounding natural areas. Council has also consulted mana whenua as part of the proposal to upgrade streamside paths.

How is this project being funded?
The CyWay programme is jointly funded by Rotorua Lakes Council, the Government’s Urban Cycleways Fund and the National Land Transport Fund (NZTA).

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