Full Council meeting - decisions



2 May 2019

The Full Council has approved a review of the functionality of the inner city transport network including reviewing the ongoing need for the green corridor which runs through the CBD.

The review was a recommendation from last month’s Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting.

The committee’s recommendation “that Council approves that the general functionality of the CBD transport network be reviewed and that the green corridor be demobilised as soon as practicable” was amended to read “that Council approves that the general funcationality of the CBD transport network be reviewed, including the green corridor”. The amendment was made to reflect that the review would determine whether the green corridor was still needed, either wholly or in part.

Asked about the timeframe for the review, Council Infrastructure Group Manager Stavros Michael said the design for the work to be done to Amohau Street, as part of improvements to be made by New Zealand Transport Agency ahead of the revocation of SH30A (which includes Amohau Street), would need to be completed first to ensure any review aligned. That project anticipated the creation of shared paths from Sala Street to Old Taupo Road and changes to speed limits and the general operating environment of that roading corridor and any flow-on effect that impacted on the CBD would need to be considered in the CBD functionality review, Mr Michael said.

Adoption of traffic bylaw

Council adopted amendments to Council’s traffic bylaw following public consultation.

No submissions were received. Changes made to the bylaw include updating the legal provisions, including penalties, to accommodate the new “pay by plate” parking system which has replaced the previous “pay and display” system.

Go to p76 of the meeting agenda to view the full report on this and go to THIS LINK on Council’s website to view presentation slides relating to this matter.

Deliberations on installation of treatment system at Rotoma

Council deliberated on objections received from Lake Rotoma residents opposed to installation on their properties of septic tank pre-treatment (STEP) systems which are part of the new East Rotoiti/Rotoma Sewerage Scheme. Installation of the systems has begun on properties at Rotoma and those who have not responded to requests to allow contractors on site to install STEP systems and are therefore deemed to object, had the opportunity to be heard by elected members at a recent hearing with three taking the opportunity to do so.

Infrastructure Group Manager Stavros Michael told elected members that there were three options for them to consider in terms of the installation of STEP systems – abandon the proposed installations, proceed or amend the works proposed. The recommendation, which was approved, was to proceed.

Mr Michael said the need for the scheme had been explored for a number of years and assessed by technical experts with Council approving the scheme recommended by a community-led committee and construction of the scheme, including a treatment plant and pipeline network, well underway.

Go to p109 of the meeting agenda to view the full report on this matter.

See the latest newsletter about the East Rotoiti/Rotoma Sewerage Scheme HERE on Council’s website. Further information is available HERE

Other decisions

The Full Council adopted election and communications protocols which were tabled at the April meeting of the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee. Go to p25 of the meeting agenda to view the protocols.

Council adopted the Assessment of Water and Sanitary Services 2019 which was also tabled at the recent Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee meeting. Go to p30 of the meeting agenda to view the assessment.

Matters relating to the purchase of land along the former Rotorua Eastern Arterial alignment, a fee increase for the Waikite Valley Termal Pools Springs n Spa, and a six monthly review of Council’s governance risk register were considered by Council in confidential.


The public portion of the meeting was livestreamed and the recording can be accessed at THIS LINK on Council’s website.









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