2019/20 Annual Plan



15 April 2019

Rotorua Lakes Council’s proposed 2019/2020 annual plan is now available for public viewing and feedback is sought on the future of wastewater services.

Mayor Steve Chadwick says the plan reflects an ongoing commitment to the direction set in the 2018-28 Long-term Plan.

The proposed annual plan includes an average 4.9% rates increase, less than the 5.1% increase signalled in the 2018-28 Long-term Plan (LTP).

Most of the Annual Plan document is information for the public on progress to date against projects and work set out in the LTP. Feedback is sought on one matter – a proposal to consider changing how wastewater services are managed and delivered in future. Feedback on this will provide input into decision-making and any proposed change regarding this would require further consultation.

“Not much has changed since last year when we adopted the long-term plan and we are continuing with what was planned for the 2019/20 financial year which is year two of the LTP,” Mayor Chadwick says.

“The LTP remains our guiding document, outlining the funding and delivery to progress towards the 2030 vision set with the community, who wanted to see change, progress and a better future for all. That’s what we continue to strive for and partnerships have been key to what’s been achieved to date.

“So we’ve been mindful to not compromise the objectives of our Long-term Plan in the 2019/20 Annual Plan but elected members did ask council staff to see what could be done to lower the rates increase that we had projected in the LTP for this coming year,” the Mayor says.

“Staff have taken a targeted approach to identifying opportunities for additional revenue and efficiency savings and that has resulted in a lower increase, which is pleasing.

“As always, we do face some challenges and as is the nature of projects, some work not done this financial year is moving to the 2019/20 year."

Mayor Chadwick is encouraging all Rotorua residents to have their say.

“We’re consulting on one key matter relating to wastewater services and asking if the public agrees in principle with what’s proposed. But we welcome all feedback for consideration in our final decision-making in June,” the Mayor says.

“We look forward to hearing from you and there are a range of ways to have your say so that you can choose whichever method of feedback suits you. Along with an interactive digital document and feedback options, those who still like to work from hard copies will be able to do so and there will be opportunities to speak directly to elected members.”

The Annual Plan document and supporting information can be found HERE on Council’s community engagement platform Let’s Talk/Korero Mai and public feedback will be open until 17 May with various ways to have your say (see below).

About the 2019/20 Annual Plan (annual budget)

  • Elected member workshops were held in February and March to help develop the Annual Plan and resulted in a commitment to the direction and delivery of the 2018-28 Long-term Plan that was adopted last  June.

  • The annual plan is the link between the LTP and the annual setting of rates. It details the annual budget and any changes/differences to what is in the LTP.

  • The 2019/20 financial year, which starts 1 July, is Year 2 of the LTP.
  • The Annual Plan process is an opportunity to review the progress of delivery of work programmes and projects and affirm the budget for the year.

Elected member workshops concluded that:

  • The set direction has not changed – there is commitment to the delivery of the 2018-28 Long-term Plan (LTP);
  • Council faces a number of key challenges including sourcing of external funding; ongoing commitment to engagement and partnering; condition of assets (including what we don’t know); resource consenting;
  • The challenges have impacted on delivery, mainly relating to timing of some of the large capital projects.


  • The average overall rates increase of 4.9% for 2019/20 is the overall average increase including both general and targeted rates. The increase is split approximately 50/50 between increases in the general rate and targeted rates. Increased targeted rates are predominantly for wastewater (pan charge) and waste management.

  • The increase in the pan charge will contribute to the operational costs of running the new East Rotoiti/Rotoma wastewater scheme. The change for residential properties is $49.92 (excluding GST) and commercial properties will pay a “per pan” charge.

  • The 2019/20 Annual Plan introduces a new sewage targeted rate of $463.84 for East Rotoiti/Rotoma properties connecting to the new wastewater scheme in that area.

  • There is an increased in the targeted rate for waste management.

  • There will be different impacts for the various rating groups. The annual plan information/consultation document and information available online provides more detail relating to rates and the various rating groups including samples.

Rates Calculator

  • Go to the rates calculator to get an indication of how your rates may be affected. Remember, this is based on the proposed increase – the proposal has yet to be approved by the Full Council which will make the final decision in June. You’ll find the calculator at the Rates Calculator page

Annual Plan financials

  • Proposed rates increase: average 4.9% (LTP proposed 5.1%).
  • Proposed capital projects spend: $89.9M (LTP proposed $76.2m. The increase reflects changes in timing of projects ie work moving from current financial year to the 2019/20 financial year, plus increased costs relating to bringing the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre (SHMPAC) up to current standards – excluding upgrades for which external funding has been sought).
  • Proposed borrowing: $41.4M (LTP proposed $25.6m. The change reflects timing changes relating to projects, ie work moving from current financial year to the 2019/20 financial year, plus additional funding required for SHMPAC, above what was included in the LTP).

The Long-term Plan

The 2018-28 Long-term Plan (LTP) was adopted in June 2018 following consultation and engagement with the community.

It sets out work programmes and projects to be delivered across the 10 years of the plan.

It is the action plan that connects the district’s 2030 vision to action and invests in work programmes and projects for the benefit of our community now, and for the future.

The LTP is abased around five key themes:

  • Reviving our facilities
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Growing our district
  • Keeping the foot on the pedal of progress
  • Funding and delivery

You can view the LTP HERE on Council’s website

Ways to have your say

There are a variety of ways to have your say on what’s proposed in the Annual Plan.

  • Go online to rotorualakescouncil.nz/letstalk Council’s feedback portal where you will find an online feedback form and places to leave comments.

  • Send written feedback to council by 17 May 2019.

  • Post comments and suggestions on Council’s Facebook page.

  • Attend one of the two café-style discussion events where you can speak directly to elected members and have your feedback documented.

Go to to rotorualakescouncil.nz/letstalk to find out more.

Annual Plan timeline

11 April: Information/consultation document approved by Full Council to go out to public. View the report that went to the Full Council for consideration at THIS LINK.

15 April: Information/consultation document becomes publicly available and public feedback opens.

7 May: World Café-style feedback sessions where people can speak directly to elected members and their feedback will be documented. This will be a facilitated group session from 4pm to 6pm at Rotorua Lakes Council (Council Chamber), Haupapa Street.

9 May: World Café-style feedback sessions where people can speak directly to elected members and their feedback will be documented. This will be a facilitated group session from 4pm to 7pm at Te Aka Mauri on Haupapa Street (in the Discovery Space on the second floor).

17 May: Feedback closes.

13 June: Final Annual Plan recommendations presented to Full Council.

27 June: Adoption of 2019/20 Annual Plan (annual budget).      

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