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4 April 2019

Council’s Operations & Monitoring Committee is recommending a review of the functionality of the inner city transport network and removal of the Green Corridor.

The recommendation, moved by Mayor Steve Chadwick and seconded by committee chair Cr Charles Sturt, was unanimously supported by the committee at its monthly meeting today. It followed an update on the continuing development of the city’s urban biking and shared path network and will be considered by the Full Council later this month.

Council’s Safe and Sustainable Journeys Manager Jodie Lawson told the Committee 26km of the urban network had been completed to-date. Further cycleways and shared paths planned for construction across the next several years, including as part of New Zealand Transport Agency upgrades along Te Ngae Road, would complete a comprehensive and connected network, she said.

Since 2016 there has been a 36% increase in commuter cycling in Rotorua, the committee was told.

Following an intensive period of construction, Ms Lawson said there was now time to reflect and review and to consider what might no longer fit with the current framework.

Cr Rob Kent about whether, on completion of the network, the Green Corridor would still be necessary, which prompted a discussion about the Green Corridor and the inner city.

Infrastructure Group Manager Stavros Michael explained that “demobilising” the Green Corridor would first require a safety review including speed reduction which would make sharing the roadway with cyclists much safer. He said reducing speed limits within the inner city would be consistent with other CBDs around the country and would mean the Green Corridor was no longer relevant.

He said speed reductions required a prescribed process which would include public consultation and said the proposed removal of the Green Corridor could be consulted on in conjunction with that.


Financial update

International credit rating firm Fitch has affirmed Council's AA- rating for the fourth year running, the Operations & Monitoring Committee heard today. See full details HERE

Council’s financial performance for the 2018/19 year to date remains positive, tracking ahead of budget by $718,000, Council's Chief Financial Officer Thomas Collē told the Committee.

The financial report for the eight months ended 28 February this year shows overall revenue continues to perform well against budget, driven by rates payments.

A shortfall in parking fees due to the delay in implementing the new parking system is partially offset by demand for Council services such as health inspections (more than $200,000 higher than budgeted). Subsidies and Grants revenues are also up on budget due to maximum efficiency in funding applications such as those made to New Zealand Transport Agency.

Operating expenses are $205,000 above budget, driven by maintenance and repair work across various council areas, partially offset by efficiency and cost reductions in other areas.

Capital expenditure was $32.5m as at the end of February, up $4.6m from January which was materially driven across the sewerage network and was partially offset by $9.1m in capital subsidies. Current project expenditure is 42% of the 2018/19 financial year budget of $77.6m.

Council is currently reviewing and prioritising project spend in order to minimise borrowings with some spend to be deferred to the 2019/20 financial year.

See p13 of the Operations & Monitoring Committee’s April agenda (click HERE) to view the full report.

See the presentation that accompanied the financial update at THIS LINK on Council’s website.


Operations report

The CE’s monthly Operational Report provides a comprehensive overview of Council work and projects including what has been happening and what’s coming up.

See p16 of the Operations & Monitoring Committee’s April agenda (click HERE) to view the Operational Report.


Today's hui/meeting was livestreamed and the recording can be accessed via THIS LINK on Council’s website.

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