1 April 2019

Rotorua’s first ever Fringe Festival kicks off this April, featuring world-class theatre from local, national and international talent. Come and experience these bold, brave and brazen new works at various locations around Rotorua. Keep an eye out for hilarious vampires, local legends, circus acrobatics and other unique events in this week-long performing arts festival running 6 – 13 April (2019).

First up in our FRINGE Festival programme is a new work from Waikato emerging artists Cian Paige Gardiner and Karina Nathan with their theatrical offering, ‘Rauru’. The play follows three generations of Māori women in one whānau, surrounding a major family event. The title takes its name from the traditional “Rauru” weaving pattern and in Te Reo Māori means umbilical cord.

Fringe festival programming includes; local theatre collective Big Picture Minor Deets joining FRINGE for their monthly PLAY ON, Kingi Biddle with original storytelling in his one hour programme ‘Ki Tua o Taharangi’ at Taharangi Marae Tārewa road, Tour-de-force Wellington Actress Katherine McGill with her one woman show WEAVE, whānau country/ folk band The Harmonic Reasonators at The Night Market on Thursday April 11 from 6PM, famous vampire DEACON from What We Do In The Shadows with this one man comedy show about bringing his ex-girlfriend back from the dead and our grand finale, BIG LITTLE CIRCUS with two free shows at Te Manawa (the old city focus) to round out our inaugural FRINGE Festival in Rotorua.

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FRINGE Whakapapa

Fringe Festivals began in Scotland and have quickly popped up across the world as a space to showcase diverse theatre, music, visual arts, comedy and other arts mediums side-by-side. This inaugural festival is led by local arts company Kōpēa Rotorua in partnership with Arts & Culture at the RLC. FRINGE is the first new offering driven by newly appointed performing arts director, Cian Elyse White. “Kōpēa are mostly a music store, but my background is in theatre, so it makes sense to me to mash everything together,” says Alex Lodge, one half of Kōpēa. Arts Director Cian Elyse White believe that ‘’FRINGE festivals are an opportunity for the arts community to explore their voice, test the waters on new ideas, come together to share, collaborate and invest in the arts in their own back-yard.”

Rotorua Fringe Festival events will take place from April 6th - 13th at Rotorua Little Theatre, Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa Marae (Taharangi), pop-up artist space at 1201 Eruera St, Rotorua Night Market and Te Manawa. For the full festival programme, go to Rotorua Fringe Festival on either Facebook or Eventbrite and Book your tickets now!

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1. Rauru - Cove Theatre
2. Deacon - Jonathan Brugh                                                                         

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