Parking adjustments around Government Gardens



Parking in the Government Gardens and outside the Polynesian Pools has increased recently following the roll out of the new parking system in Rotorua’s inner city.

We’ve received feedback from businesses and clubs in the area that their customers are now finding it difficult to locate car parks nearby.

As a result of this feedback we are working with affected businesses and clubs to find suitable short and long term solutions.

To date this includes the following:

  • The short term solution to help relieve pressure around the Government Gardens area is to change 15 car parks outside the Blue Baths and 13 car parks outside the Polynesians Pools from all day free parking to P180 free parking.
  • This is consistent with other adjustments being made within the CBD.
  • These changes should be implemented within the next week and a half.
  • Free all day parking remains on the outskirts of the city.
  • We acknowledge that some CBD workers have needed to change their parking habits following the roll out of the new parking system.
  • We are currently considering a number of options to ensure that adequate provision for CBD worker parking is maintained to help alleviate these pressures.

Once the full rollout of the new parking system is complete, Council will release a map confirming the location of the various parking areas. This is intended to help people identify the best place to park based on what they need to do in the CBD.

For further information about the new parking system click here

Page reviewed: 13 Mar 2019 5:16pm