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7 March 2019 - Cranksworx organisers have told elected members that another free locals day has been organised for this year’s event and ticket prices are cheaper.

The event’s director, Ariki Tibble, deputy chair of Mountain bike club, Malcolm Thomas and Rotorua Deputy Mayor, Dave Donaldson, faced elected members at the Operations and Monitoring Committee meeting at Rotorua Lakes Council today.

Their presentation covered topics including:

  • Crankworx vision
  • Who is behind organising the event including the volunteers
  • A sponsorship comparison between 2015 and 2019
  • Finances; and
  • The event schedule

In 2017, Councillor Tania Tapsell raised concerns about the cost of tickets and requested a report on the issue from council officials.

At that time a multi-day pass cost $80 for adults and $60 for children.

Today, elected members heard that instead of one free community day, two will be hosted on the 21st and 22nd of March.

Meanwhile over the past two years (2018/ 2019) the cost of multi-passes are $5 cheaper with an adult pass costing $75 and $35 for a child.

Today’s presentation highlighted that visitors who come to the event spend about an average of just over 7 days in Rotorua.

Ariki Tibble said that the profile for sponsors of the event also changed, this year more non-mountain bike entities such as a real estate agency, a biofuel retailer, a tertiary provider and a dairy company are supporting Crankworx. You can see how the profile has changed HERE. (New sponsors have been highlighted in red). 

Mr Tibble said that outcomes for the event such as international recognition and commercial revenue is thriving however public investment from sectors such as trusts, central government and local government are down. (See more HERE from the presentation).

You can watch the full presentation from Mr Tibble, Deputy Dave Donaldson and Malcolm Thomas by clicking HERE and reading the written presentation via this LINK.

Te Aka Mauri

Lakes District Health Board told the meeting that attendance rates at a children’s health hub in Te Aka Mauri have impoved thanks to its new location.

Its acting chief executive, Nick Saville-Wood, and Bridget Wilson, the manager of the children’s health hub on Haupapa Street delivered a presentation alongside the Rotorua Library’s Kaihautū (director), Jane Gilbert.

Both DHB officials made it clear that shifting to the new premises last year has been instrumental.

Click on the image above to watch a short video from the presentation. 

Jane Gilbert told elected members that the co-tenanting arrangement has also seen an increase in library use by children.

If you would like to see their full presentation click HERE and see the written the presentation HERE.


Council’s chief financial officer, Thomas Collé, updated elected members about the organisation’s financial status over the past seven months to the end of January, which overall - is on budget.

He said that revenues are offsetting expense presusses such as electricity pricing and high level repairs and maintenance.

Mr Collé fielded a number of questions including following about:

  • Capital subsidies
  • Utility expenses; and 
  • His advice about how the organisation’s electricity costs may be impacting on local retailers

If you’d like to see Mr Collé’s full report click HERE and you can also see his written presentation HERE.  

If you’d like to watch today’s full meeting you can see it via the livestream:

The full agenda from today’s meeting is also available via this LINK.

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