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5 February 2019

Updates on the Aquatic Centre, the CBD summer safety initiative, the rollout of parking changes and the city wastewater treatment scheme proposal are on the agenda for Thursday’s Operations & Monitoring Committee hui/meeting.

The first council committee hui of the year will also include a financial update for the six months ended 31 December. Go to p13 of the meeting agenda to view the full financial report.

Also on the agenda are quarterly updates from council-controlled organisations (CCOs) Rotorua Economic Development. See pages 21 to 45 of the meeting agenda for the full reports from the CCOs.

Other updates on the agenda . . .

Lakefront development

The first contract with MBIE that was signed in June to fund the business case and detailed design of stage 1 is complete and the final milestone has been submitted for payment. Request for tenders for the physical works for Stage 1 have been issued to understand actual costs.

Contract negotiations are complete and signed by MBIE for the grant funding for the capital works. This contract details the milestone deliverables and when the milestone payments will be made.

The cultural impact assessment is currently underway. This assessment is required for the resource consent for stage 1 (the lake edge and structures). The timing for the resource consent may take longer than anticipated and therefore the project team are looking to move onto preparing detailed designs for stages 2 (playground and toilets) and 3 (Memorial Drive and Tutanekai Street).

The Ecological Impact Assessment has been completed by Wildlands and concludes that with recommendations, the lakefront project will have positive effects on the ecological environment.

Three workshops with youth and children on the playground detail have been held at Te Aka Mauri in January with a large number joining in and engaging. This provided invaluable feedback to the designers and the key themes coming through from these workshops are being incorporated into the lakefront playground design.

With a change in governance in Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Council will look to brief the incoming board members so they are up to date with the plans. Permission will be sought for the new structure on the lake bed.

Whakarewarewa and Tokorangi Forest

The first contract with MBIE is complete and the final milestone was submitted for payment in December 2018. The terms for the grant and loan agreements have been agreed with MBIE and will be circulated to partners CNI Iwi Holdings Trust, Te Komiti Nui O Ngāti Whakaue and Tuhourangi Tribal Authority.

Council is confirming Te Komiti Nui O Ngati Whakaue and Tuhourangi tribal authority approval for contracts to begin on Long Mile road and for forest hub two. Long Mile Rd contract could commence as early as the end of February. The works will begin on Tarawera road working down long mile road is expected to be completed by early November 2019. Work on forest hub two are projected to begin in April.

We will continue working closely with CNI Iwi Holdings and mana whenua partners in progressing this project.

Planning for the proposed forest bike loop is progressing well.

East Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Scheme

Contractors are making steady progress constructing the Wastewater Treatment Plant behind the Emery Store in Rotoiti, reticulation network and installing on-site pretreatment tanks known as STEP systems in Rotomā.

At the plant, work continues including constructing a permanent access way to the plant from State Highway 30 and underground works to install the plant’s bioreactor pumping chamber that will biologically process and remove organic material, nitrogen and phosphorus from the water.

Contractors commissioned to lay the reticulation network for Rotomā have laid 17 kilometres of piping from Matahī Spit while nearly 70 STEP systems have been installed at properties in Rotomā.

Two community update meetings, which attracted about 250 people, took place in Rotomā in December and Rotoiti in January.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping was in the spotlight in the first week of the year following the dumping of animal carcasses, furniture and household rubbish on a known dumping hotspot at the SH5 end of Dalbeth Road. Large machinery was needed to remove the waste and vegetation was also removed from the site to deter further dumping. In response to community discussions regarding the issue Council has compiled FAQs which are available online.

This issue requires a long-term community ownership approach – there is no single solution or easy quick-fix. Evidence suggests it is less of an issue in Rotorua than the national average and our best successes have come from working alongside communities and implementing strategies at a localised level. In Mamaku, for example, Council worked with the community and school to create murals encouraging people to ‘do the right thing’ and illegal dumping there has since declined.

Community clean-up days enabling people to get rid of items they cannot put in their rubbish and recycling bins have also been successful and have been supported by Council’s Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

Systems and processes to identify and prosecute offenders can be introduced. However, there is a need to assess the cost effectiveness of this in view of the high threshold set for evidence required to prosecute, and to consider whether prosecuting a few irresponsible individuals would effectively address the wider issue.

Thursday's hui is open to the public and will be held in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre.

The meeting will also be livestreamed. You can access livestreaming and copies of presentations made during the hui at THIS LINK on Council's website.

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