Installation of first new parking machines



29 November 2018

Update on the installation of the first new parking machines in Rotorua

The first eight new i-Park parking machines have now been installed in streets throughout Rotorua’s inner city and are currently in operation.

As we have been rolling out the new parking system in Rotorua’s CBD some adjustments are being made where anomalies in parking have previously been or where the parking structure seems illogical.

These adjustments are being made on a case-by-case basis to improve the consistency of our parking system throughout the city, to improve turnover of car parks so finding a park isn’t so difficult, and to support local businesses.

Council’s Community Compliance Team Leader, Kurt Williams explains these changes.

“While the CBD parking boundaries are remaining the same (P60 down Tutanekai Street and mixed paid and free parking on the side streets), adjustments are being made within those boundaries as we go.

“For example, on the periphery of the central CBD, a limited amount of free parking that was located in the middle of a road within a paid parking section will become paid parking. These types of changes are likely to take place in streets where there are parking spaces in the middle of the road.

“Some P15 parks will be relocated to more appropriate spaces, for example outside a store that you would pop into to pick up a couple of things rather than outside a restaurant.

“Additionally, while our parking rates remain the same, $1 per hour, the new machines do have a minimum payment which is different to the previous parking meters. The new machines will take a minimum payment of 50c when using coins and $1 when using cards.

“A considerable amount of free parking remains within walking distance of the inner city and if drivers are looking for a cost effective parking alternative, we recommend using the Pukuatua parking building which offers a five day concession card for $20.”

The first new parking machines have been installed throughout Whakaue Street, Pukaki Street, and in the Haupapa Street off street parking area. Once certain these are operating as they should, and any teething issues are ironed out, the remaining machines (approximately 70) will be installed. This is currently scheduled to take place early next year.  

The aim of the new parking system is to provide effective, modern and cost-effective services to the community.

A request for parking system proposals last year – to see what options were available – was prompted by the need to consider future parking demands, modernise parking equipment in the central city and address increased operating costs against declining revenue.

“Providing car parks does come at a cost and obsolete equipment and low enforcement rates due to old technology, and the manual nature of enforcement, were all contributing to our increasing operating costs and declining revenue. This resulted in an urgent need to upgrade our parking infrastructure, systems and update the way the service is managed,” says Mr Williams.

“The new system is focused on providing modern and convenient payment options for users, higher turnover of car parks to ensure ease of parking in our inner city, and to ensure our parking system is consistent and fair for all users.”

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