New home for Menz Shed + lakefront lease supported


11/10/2018 4:00:00 p.m.

11 October 2018

A proposed new lease for Menz Shed Rotorua on a site on Pererika Street Reserve has received the support of Council’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee.

The committee today resolved to recommend that the Full Council approve a 20-year lease at the new site where the men’s group intends to build or relocate a building for its activities.

The group has occupied a Council-owned building on Te Ngae Road since 2014 but the lease expired in March this year and Menz Shed has since been on a month by month agreement. The current building requires substantial repair including new roofing, plumbing and fire control systems and it is intended to repurpose the building once this work is completed.

Council staff have been working with Menz Shed to find a new site. The Pererika Street site is behind the existing Model Railway Club and next to the Rotorua Anglers Association. The Wood Turners Club also has a building on the reserve.

As the reserve is gifted reserve the proposal was put to, and endorsed by, the Ngati Whakaue Gifted Reserves Protocol Committee in June.

Council staff will continue to work with Menz Shed on establishing the new facility. The club will be charged the standard community rate of $120+GST annually, plus any new land rates that may result from the proposed development.

See p15 of the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee agenda to read the full report on this matter and to view and aerial image showing the proposed Menz Shed site.


Support for extension of Rotorua Lakes Watersports Trust lease

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee also supported the proposed extension of the Rotorua Lakes Watersports Trust lease on the lakefront reserve.

If approved by the Full Council later this month the lease will be extended for a period of 20 years.

The trust represents the Rotorua Volunteer Coastguard, Rotorua Rowing Club, Rotorua Yacht Club, Rotorua Young Mariners and the Rotorua Pleasure Boating and Fishing Club at the site it occupies. It owns the building (known as the Yacht Club) which is on the site and has plans to extend the building and create space for occasional overnight accommodation of participants in training camps. The extension would not alter the existing footprint of the building.

Extension of the lease, which has been approved by the Ngati Whakaue Gifted Reserve Protocol Committee, will not impact on the lakefront development. Proposed amendments to the reserve management plan will not alter or amend provision in the plan for the leasing of part of the reserve to the Water Sports Trust.

The trust will be charged the standard community rate of $120+GST annually and any new land rates that may result from the proposed development.

See p19 of the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee agenda to read the full report on this matter.


Consistent regime proposed for water supply backflow prevention

Rotorua Lakes Council water services staff are proposing the introduction of a formal policy for installation, inspection and funding of boundary backflow prevention for public water supplies.

Backflow is the unplanned and undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and contaminants back into the public water supply from private properties or from one part of a building or property to another. Backflow can pose a serious community health risk.

Council Infrastructure Group Manager Stavros Michael told the committee the council currently had no formal policy or regime regarding backflow prevention devices and one was needed to ensure good management of any potential risk of backflow.

The proposed policy will relate to properties deemed to be of medium or high risk of backflow, will affect mainly commercial and industrial properties, and annual inspections are proposed at this time.

Since the Havelock North drinking water contamination in 2016 the Ministry of Health has significantly increased monitoring of water suppliers including requirements to demonstrate compliance with every aspect of legislation and mitigation of all possible risks, a report to the Committee says.

Potential backflow into the main water supply systems is one potential risk, which is addressed by installation of backflow prevention devices on property connections.

The potential for backflow has been identified as the highest priority risk to be managed for Rotorua’s water supplies and actions are identified in current approved Water Safety Plans to mitigate this risk. A policy is required to support implementation of mitigation actions, including funding provisions and will result in a consistent practice.

Key elements of the proposed new policy:

  • Regular inspection of identified properties and water connections;

  • Installation and maintenance of appropriate backflow prevention devices at point of supply for all connections identified as having medium or high backflow risk;

  • Lump sum payment of prevention device installation costs;

  • Maintain a register of all backflow prevention devices;

  • Annual testing of devices;

  • Recovery of cost of maintenance and annual testing from the property owner or water account holder by way of an annual targeted rate or adjustment to existing targeted rate.

Costs for individual property owners where backflow prevention devices are required will vary and the number of properties affected will not be known until a full survey of all connections is carried out but the estimate is about 600 properties.

See p25 of the Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee agenda to read the full report about this matter.

Today’s hui/meeting was livestreamed. You can access the livestream via THIS LINK  on Council’s website.

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