Mamaku water treatment plant upgrade



28 August 2018

Upgrades underway at the Mamaku water treatment plant will provide that rural community with the highest possible drinking water quality.

Rotorua Lakes Council is upgrading the water treatment plant to ensure residents are receiving water that is treated to ensure full compliance at all times with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.

Ultra-violet light treatment will, in addition to the chlorination treatment already in place, serve as a second barrier to protect against the possibility of contamination.

The upgrades will mean Mamaku’s level of treatment to the water supply is consistent with the rest of the district.

Rotorua Rural Community Board chair Shirley Trumper says the upgrade will mean Mamaku has the crème de la crème of water supply treatment.

“We know we have great water quality here in Rotorua but this added treatment means Mamaku residents will have water that is treated to the highest quality.

“We hear about things happening around the country but it’s good to know that Council is vigilant in protecting our water quality and that all 10 supplies within the district will now be doubly protected with chlorine and ultra-violet light.

“There may be some disruptions while the work is taking place but having top quality water will be worth it.”

At the same time as upgrading the water supply treatment work will also be carried out to replace and upgrade other parts of the treatment facility.

One of the existing bore pumps will be replaced and extra filtration devices will be added. Additional and replacement water quality monitoring equipment is also included in the upgrade.

Infrastructure General Manager Stavros Michael says the work will help to future proof Mamaku’s water supply.

“We want to be confident that we supply high quality drinking water and that we can continue to do so should a breakdown happen at one of the bores which supplies water to Mamaku residents.

“Under the Health Act Councils must take all practicable steps to ensure that supplied drinking water is safe and the added ultra-violet light treatment means both of Mamaku’s bores will be fully compliant with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.”

Work is expected to take place over a couple months and will require the water supply in Mamaku to be shut down on two occasions.

The first shutdown will take place from 9am to 4.30pm on Tuesday 4 September and residents will receive notification in their letter boxes.

The second shut down has not been scheduled yet but residents will be notified in advance.

Where does Mamaku get its water supply from?
Mamaku water is supplied with two bores that are located on Karamu Street with water pumped from natural underground reservoirs. Currently water is supplied from one bore and the other is on standby as a back-up.

Does this upgrade mean the water was not safe in the first place?
No. The water supply in Mamaku is already of a high standard and is currently treated with chlorine. The ultra-violet light treatment is an added barrier of protection which means that both bores will now be fully compliant under the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.

What do I do while the water is shut off?

  • Please make sure all appliances that use water are turned off (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Hot water cylinders can be left on.
  • You can fill your bath before the shutdown or have buckets of water ready to refill your toilet cistern after flushing.
  • Please leave taps turned off for the duration of the shutdown.Turning taps on will allow air into your water pipes.
  • You may wish to have several bottles of water stored for drinking.

What do I do when the water comes back on?

How are Rotorua residents elsewhere in the district supplied with water?

Rotorua district has 10 water supplies which includes 8 springs, bore water (Mamaku) and one lake (
Rotoma). All supplies are treated with chlorination and all but Mamaku’s supply are already treated with ultra-violet light.



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