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12 June 2018

Finalising of a spatial plan for Rotorua which will help shape future growth in the district is another step closer.

The district’s spatial plan will guide how the district will grow, what type of growth should go where and how much. It will become part of a suite of plans that also includes The Rotorua Way, the Long-term Plan and annual plans which will work together to achieve the over-arching long-term goals established for the district through the 2030 vision.

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee will consider recommendations to make to the Full Council for final adoption of a spatial plan, the first such plan for the Rotorua district.

Some changes have been proposed following two rounds of community consultation, one to help establish a draft plan and a second round to consult on the draft.

The spatial plan is considered timely given Rotorua’s growth and progress in recent years and recognition of the district as a medium growth area with population projections of 7.8% growth between 2013 and 2023.

Consultation resulted in overall support for enabling iwi wellbeing and development, urban consolidation and containment, recognising Rotorua’s outstanding natural features, provision of infrastructure that enables the development of homes and jobs and collaboration and methods of implementing the plan.

Gaps suggested in some submissions which were received included acknowledgement of the rights of people with disabilities, recognition of the impact of climate change, water conservation, the importance of farming and forestry to the local economy, air quality, geothermal opportunities and methods of implementation.

A report to the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee says the gaps can be addressed through small additions to the final plan or are matters which are already subject to other plan reviews and have been passed on to the relevant Council departments and organisations for their consideration.

Strong opposition to proposed growth areas at Lake Okareka resulted in a recommendation that this growth area be re-categorised for further consideration within a Lakes A zone review, in consultation with the community.

See p 54 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee agenda to view the full report and recommendations related to the finalising of the spatial plan.

See THIS LINK on Council’s website to find out more about the spatial plan and to view the draft plan.

Committee to consider proposed speed limit changes

Proposed speed limit changes for local roads in Rotorua will be considered by Council’s Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee this week.

Speed limit reviews are undertaken by Council every three years and staff recommendations to be considered by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee on Thursday [14 June] are based on the Land Transport Rule (Setting of Speed Limits 2017). Consideration of public opinion forms a key component of the new rule, part of the Government’s Safer Journeys Strategy which aims to reduce the number and severity of crashes on New Zealand road.

The recommended changes are based on assessments of speed, environment, actual speeds and feedback received during the consultation process.

Go to p31 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee agenda to view the full report on this matter. The report includes a full list of recommended speed limit changes.

Submissions received during public consultation on the proposed changes can be found at THIS LINK on Council’s website.

Community facility wanted for Tarawera

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee will be asked to support a proposed change of reserve classification for Alexander Road Reserve at Tarawera to enable it to be used for community activities.

The reserve, which includes a building, is currently classified as Local Purpose (Playcentre) and the community has asked that it be changed to Local Purpose (Community). It is no longer used as a playcentre and the building has been gifted to the Lake Tarawera Community Group which wants to use it as a community hall where activities and meetings can be held.

Public notification of the proposed change attracted 70 submissions, 66 of them in support and four opposed.

General feedback in support identified that there are no other community facilities in the Lake Tarawera community and that the hall would be a significant asset enabling greater community connectedness. Noise, increased traffic, inadequate parking and the potential for the building to be used for private parties into the early hours of the morning were among concerns raised.

The community group intends the building to be used primarily for community activity but has indicated allowing it to be hired for private functions would be necessary to meet ongoing costs to maintain and operate the building. However, the group has said it is committed to ensuring use of the building does not adversely affect neighbouring properties.

See p26 of the committee agenda for the full report on this matter.


Thursday’s hui/meeting is open to the public and will start at 9.30am in the Council Chamber.

The meeting will be livestreamed and can be viewed live or later via THIS LINK on Council’s website or via Council’s YouTube channel HERE.



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