Post-Flood Recovery - Update 15



7 May 2018

Click HERE to visit the Post-flood Recovery webpages.

Watch the latest update from Council’s Civil Defence team HERE.

Our primary priority remains the safety and welfare of the community, to ensure we can help residents to get back on their feet after the severe weather on the April 29.

Council is now focusing on helping the community recover following the major Flooding on April 29 caused by an intensity of rain not experienced in the district in over half a century. 

“Although the immediate danger and response to the aftermath of the severe weather has past - that doesn’t  mean our efforts of working through this emergency has ended.  It will take weeks, and for some people, months, to recover,” Acting Primary Civil Defence Controller Bruce Horne says.

“I want people to know that Council is committed to be right alongside helping the community to recover.”

More volunteers are arriving today to join the Council staff who have been in Civil Defence response mode for the past seven days.

Council is continuing to work with the Rural Support Trust and agencies including the Ministry of Primary Industries and Ministry of Social Development to make sure affected rural properties have the right advice and support.

Key information:

  • If you have your own bore for drinking water, boil your water before drinking
  • It’s important to test your bore water for contamination
  • Council’s Environmental Laboratory can do this for you for FREE
  • Collect a bottle for testing from our water plant off Te Ngae Road and we will help you through the process

Please remember:

  • We know some people, who’ve been affected, are powering through under their own steam
  • We need you to get in touch so we can see how we can support you
  • Contact us free on 0800 020 001
  • Or if you know of anyone who needs help, you should ask them to call our toll-free number 0800 020 001 otherwise call us on their behalf

Council is also advertising for community navigators, who work between the affected community and the council.  “These navigators will be the points of contact in our community for those affected by the storm and needing on-going support,” says Controller Bruce Horne. 

If you are in a position to apply for one of these roles, you should click on this link HERE.

Generous community members are still offering to make donations to help those dealing with the aftermath of the floods.

If you wish to make a donation, you should use the following details specifically for this fund:

Account number: 02-0412-0234516-006.

How: Direct Credit or in person at Rotorua Lakes Council building.

Details: No specific statement details are needed.

Thank you to everyone who has helped neighbours and strangers alike. Your spirit has been so encouraging to all the volunteers working through this event. Thank you also to the families of all our volunteers, and to employers who allowed your staff to help.  You can find a list of acknowledgements HERE

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