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6 May 2018

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Building inspection and welfare teams are on the ground again today and will be focussing on affected properties in Glenholme, Fairy Springs and Ngongotaha.

A team will also be heading south to Reporoa to visit properties in the rural sector.

There are approximately 104 known properties that require inspections including 15 commercial properties.

The number is updated daily with teams reporting that while checking known properties they are discovering homes that have been affected but have not been reported to Council.

Council is continuing to encourage people who have not already done so to contact us on 0800 020 001 and report any damage that occurred as a result of last weekend’s storm.  

Inspections will continue until all known properties have been checked and this is likely to be by the end of next week.

What next:

Council’s Civil Defence teams are readying themselves to transition into a dual mode of response and recovery period for the post-flood emergency.

An official decision about the ‘State of Emergency” will be made after midday with Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick, Civil Defence Controller Stavros Michael and Recovery Manager Andy Bell.

“Welfare assistance and ensuring properties are being checked will remain our top priority,” says Stavros Michael.

“Transitioning into a response and recovery phase means we will have a plan for the long-term to help those people who have been affected by the storm adjust to the changes ahead as they rebuild their lives, and also an ability to respond to any emerging needs.”

We can help:

Residents are continuing to register with our welfare teams as they become more aware of what the changes mean for them longer-term.

If you are unsure about what help is available to you contact Council on 0800 020 001 to speak to a Welfare officer. Even if Council doesn’t have access to the resource you need we may be able to connect you with somebody who does.

Some of the things Welfare assistance can cover:

  • Temporary accommodation
  • Connecting people with Government agencies for financial assistance, insurance queries or psychosocial help
  • Coordinating community groups to help with physical work such as moving heavy furniture
  • Advice for looking after pets/stock after an emergency
  • Giving advice on what to do next/who to call

The Ngongotaha Rugby Club has generously offered its assistance for physical work such as moving heavy furniture outside. To contact the team call Jodie Wharekura on 027 435 7407.

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