Post-flood recovery - Update 10



4 May 2018

Work will continue throughout the weekend supporting those affected by Sunday’s storm.

More than 20 people will be working throughout the district, with welfare teams and building inspectors in impacted areas, as well as a team at the Emergency Operations Centre.

The recovery centre in Oakland Rd will also be manned over the weekend between 9am and 4pm.

Acting Civil Defence Primary Controller Bruce Horne says Council is now getting closer to having the full picture of the damage caused by the storm, as it it looks toward the recovery phase next week.

Mr Horne says he is hopeful that over the next couple of days, welfare and building inspector teams will have been to all the properties affected for an initial visit.

Mayor Steve Chadwick continues to be actively involved on the ground, going out to affected areas to provide support for residents, as well as welfare staff.

Mrs Chadwick travelled to Rerewhakaaitu today. She says being on the ground is providing a real understanding of the impact which is crucial to colouring the bigger picture.

“The damage is devastating in many ways. It is different for everyone affected but devastating none the less.”

Key points from this afternoon’s briefing

  • 49 building inspections have now been completed, with more to be carried out tomorrow
  • Roading crews will continue work on Tarawera Rd tomorrow
  • All roading works on Western Rd and the affected side roads, including making sure storm water systems are clear, have been completed

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