Post-flood recovery - Update 8



03 May 2018 

Civil Defence work is continuing

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick has heard stories of the impact of the wet weather on the wider district during a visit to Reporoa this afternoon.

Mayor Chadwick spent time this afternoon in the community with, alongside welfare team members.

Acting Civil Defence Primary Controller Bruce Horne says responding to Sunday’s event is an enormous undertaking that has affected the wider district.

“We commend our community for its resilience and each hour, via calls to Council and feedback from the Welfare team, the picture is changing”

He reiterated the request that those who are affected need to contact council and register – even if they don’t need help right now because they may do in the future.

Building inspectors have been busy with more than 20 assessments completed today, with the primary focus of identifying water damage to the building.

Welfare teams have also been busy on the ground today talking to impacted residents across the district.

We encourage people who need help to get in touch with Council and let your insurance company know your situation. The Council can be reached on 07 348 4199 or 0800 020 001.

Advice from the New Zealand Insurance Council can be found here.

The Earthquake Commission may also be able to help you.  You can find out what’s covered by EQC here and how you can make a claim here.

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