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30 April 2018


Roads Closed

The roads listed below have approximately 400mm to 600mm of water across them


  • Settlers Rd – Closed between Wharepapa Rd and Birch Rd.
  • Longview Rd – Closed between Loop Rd and Birch Rd
  • Loop Rd – Closed for the full length


  • Rerewhakaaitu Rd: Remains closed between Brett Rd & Ashpit/Yankee Rd – access for residents ONLY

Other Jobs

  • Te Akau Rd – Slips cleared, tree to remove tomorrow
  • Trout Pool Rd – Slip cleared
  • Te Waerenga Rd – Crew are currently clearing a small slip
  • Paradise Valley Rd – Slip between Te Miri and Relph cleared. Surface may remain slippery and under (in email he says TTM is that) traffic management for several days.

New jobs logged

  • Paradise Valley Rd – Small slip near the Trout Hatchery
  • Willow Ave – Land drain has collapsed in carpark area at the Lake end of the road
  • Tupara Cres – Slip, small on seal


  • Poutakataka Rd: Slip partially in lane
  • Waikite Valley Rd: Slip near top of the hill (Tavern end) in shoulder only
  • Earthquake Flat Rd: Minor scouring on the road (unsealed) surface


  • Raukau Rd: Minor scouring on the road (unsealed) surface.
  • Casino Rd: Minor scouring on the road (unsealed) surface.
  • Waiotapu Loop Rd: Underslip near bridge


  • Manawhae Rd: Large underslip approx. 100m for the boundary
  • Hamilton Rd: Significant scouring of unsealed surface
  • Litchenstein Rd: Significant Shoulder scouring



Most of the road crews who were out all day yesterday tending to flooding, slips, treefalls and road damage have been back out again this morning

See below for the latest update. . .

  • Maleme Rd – Slip cleared
  • Galatos Rd – Clearing crews on-site this morning to tend to 5-6 small overslips
  • Te Akau Rd – 3 slips being worked on
  • Trout Pool Rd – Small slip, to be cleaned up after Te Akau Rd
  • Reporoa – inspections are underway, and flooding appears to be subsiding

Jobs reported by the public and currently underway:

  • Hamurana Rd – Tree fall cleared
  • Kihoroa St and Umuroa St – Blocked Cesspit to be assessed
  • Broadlands Rd – Crew on route to assess road scouring



We are now in post-flood recovery mode

Have you been affected by flooding and require assistance?

Please call Rotorua Lakes Council on 07-3484 199

Your details will be taken and a recovery officer will contact you to discuss your needs.


29 April 2018


Most of the road crews who have been out all day tending to flooding, slips, treefalls and road damage are heading home for the night but will be out there again tomorrow.

See below for the latest update on road conditions . . .

Roads Closed:

  • Rerewhakaaitu Rd – a manned closure at Brett Rd and Ashpit/Yankee intersection due to bridge damage;
  • Paradise Valley/Valley roads – manned closure near Agrodome and at Te Miri Rd due to extensive flooding and slips;
  • Endean Rd - closed due to three large slips;
  • Waikaukau Rd from Whirinaki Valley Rd - closed for approx 1km due to flooding;
  • Western Rd - closed due to extensive flooding;
  • Elizabeth St - closed between King and Phillip streets due to contaminated floodwaters.

See below flooding sites not yet attended. All other sites listed previously have been cleared or checked and have subsided:

  • Charles
  • Fryer
  • Vaughan
  • Pukuatua
  • Bellevue
  • Goodwin
  • Whitiker
  • Holland
  • Kotutu
  • Sharp
  • Arariterangi
  • Pererika
  • Brett
  • Ashpit
  • Republican
  • Keith
  • Stewart
  • Sunset

Crews are out to check the following Reporoa roads:

  • Campbell
  • Deep Creek
  • Strathmore

Slips and trees partially cleared:

  • Mountain Rd - underslip
  • Tumunui - slips
  • Dansey - slip and tree
  • Oturoa - slip
  • Parsons - slip

Slips and trees not attended to yet:

  • Te Akau slip
  • Pongakawa Valley tree
  • Sharp slip

State highway slip

NZTA have just advised that a slip has closed State Highway 30 between SH34 and Matahi Rd. Police and Fire and Emergency New Zealand are on site with a road crew on the way.

Please drive with extreme care if you are out on any of the district’s roads and highways tonight.




The following bridges will remain closed until further notice:

  • Valley Rd bridge over Ngongotaha Stream (under water)
  • Rerewhakaaitu Rd bridge (closest to Ash Pit Rd

Bridge inspections will be carried out tomorrow at Rerewhakaaitu Road, Paradise Valley Rd and Valley Rd.

Meanwhile, Paradise Valley Rd is open to one lane where a slip occured earlier today, near Relph Rd.



New slips reported since our last update:

  • Paradise Valley Rd - blocking both lanes. Clearing to one lane
  • Tuminui Rd - two slips. Not assessed yet
  • Oturoa Rd - slip that blocked both lanes has been cleared by residents but road remains slippery
  • Dansey Rd - slip that blocked both lanes has been cleared by residents but road remains slippery
  • Endean Rd - several slips blocking both lanes 1km up, not assessed yet. Crew blocked by slip on Paradise Valley Rd
  • Rerewhakaaitu Rd - Slip, not yet assessed
  • Slips northern part of Brett Rd



Crews have been busy around the district checking, clearing and signing up roads affected by today's storm. Please continue to take extra care if driving - go out only if you need to.

Roads now clear:

  • Victoria/Fenton
  • Ranolf
  • Selwyn
  • Elizabeth
  • Lake
  • Millar
  • Devon West
  • Springfield
  • Moncur
  • Sophia
  • Eason
  • Summer
  • Lytton
  • Robinson
  • Hathor
  • Hinemaru

Meanwhile, Tarawera Rd is now open to one lane. Crews have diverted water to prevent further damage.

Mountain Rd where part of the road has been washed away, is passable with care.

The Rotorua Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been activated and a welfare centre set up for anyone who needs to evacuate their home and has nowhere else to go. Note there is no state of emergency. See more information HERE

Go to THIS LINK on NZTA website to check the status of state highways.



Several roads have had to be closed due to flooding and crews are busy attending numerous callouts to flooding, slips and treefalls.

See details below -

Roads closed

  • Tarawera Road near Buried Village where flooding has caused damage to the road surface. Fire service crew and contractors on site.
  • Robinson Ave, Ford Rd and one end of York St closed due to severe flooding.
  • Ash Pit and Republican roads, Rerewhakaaitu, are flooded and impassable.
  • Paradise Valley Rd down to one lane due to slip near Relph Road with a second slip just reported.


  • Part of the road has collapsed on Mountain Rd (crew en route to assess)
  • A culvert has collapsed on Rerewhakaaitu Rd 
  • A slip and treefall have blocked both lanes on Dansey Rd


  • Summer
  • Lytton
  • Davidson
  • Hamioria
  • Sharp
  • Ariariterangi
  • Pererika
  • Elizabeth
  • Millar


  • Te Akau Rd - slip (not attended to yet)
  • Pongakawa Valley Rd – tree (not attended to yet)
  • Tumunui Rd - slip across road ( not attended to yet)



There's still a heavy rain warning in place for Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty, along with a severe thunderstorm watch, so be aware there's potentially more torrential rain to come today and tonight.

There has been extensive surface flooding across the district, including many parts of the city, making driving risky. There are stormwater lids popping up in some places.

Don't drive unless you absolutely have to! 

If you do need to drive take extra care, drive slowly and be aware there could be trees and slips on roads.

MetService issued a heavy rain warning this morning saying Rotorua could expect 50 to 80mm of rain today, on top of what fell yesterday. We may experience rainfall intensities of 10 to 15mm per hour which could reach 25 to 40mm per hour in thunderstorms.

So take care out there and if you're home try and keep water use to a minimum - every time you use the taps or flush the toilet, it's adding to the pressure our stormwater and wastewater systems are already under as a result of the rainfall.

If you need assistance call emergency services or Council on 07-3484199. Call Council also to report flooding, slips and treefalls.




  • Barnard Road
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Lake Road
  • Corner of Totara and Ranolf streets
  • Hinemoa Street
  • Braymore Avenue
  • Glenbrae Resthome
  • Moncur Drive
  • Devon Street West
  • Ranolf and Malfroy roundabout
  • Miller Street
  • Rimu Street
  • Clinkard Avenue
  • Springfield Road
  • Oturoa Road
  • Wrigley Road
  • La Trobe Place
  • Logan Street
  • Tarewa Road
  • Sophia Street
  • Bellvue Road
  • Eason Street
  • Russell Road
  • Goodwyn Avenue
  • Grayson Avenue
  • Whittaker Road


Multiple locations on State Highway 30 to Lake Rotoma

Trees down:

Outside 358 Dansey Road – blocking one lane



A large number of call-outs have been made to Council's contractors Fulton Hogan, Infracore and to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).

in some places flooding is covering most of the road so motorists are encouraged to avoid any travel unless absolutely necessary.

Surface flooding

  • Charles Road
  • Edmund Road including the corner of Roger Street
  • Te Waerenga Road
  • Selwyn Road
  • Ranolf Street near Kuirau Park
  • Corner of Fenton and Victoria
  • Fryer Road
  • 813 – 807 Hamurana Road
  • Frank Street
  • Ford Road
  • Corner of Malfroy and Ford Road
  • Vaughan Road
  • Holland Street
  • Corner Lake Road and Tarewa Road
  • Allen Street
  • Bell Road
  • Coulter Road
  • Corner Lytton and Devon Street
  • Dudley Road
  • Aquarius Drive
  • Parawai Road
  • Lisa Crescent
  • Corner of Iles and Te Ngae Roads – covering all lanes


  • Three quarters of the road at Te Akau Road
  • Tarawera Road between Pipeline and Okareka Loop Road

Tree falls:

  • Hamurana Road - large tree covering the east bound lane at the State Highway 33 end of Hamurana Road
  • Tarawera Road - both lanes were blocked by a tree down near forest place at 11pm last night
  • Endean Road – blocked both lanes about 800m from the end



Heavy rainfall in Rotorua this morning has caused flooding in Hamurana and widespread surface flooding in parts of the city.

The area in and around Te Waerenga Road, Hamuranga, is under water and a couple of driveways have been damaged but residents report they are okay although they are concerned about the potential for the flooding to worsen.

Fulton Hogan and Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) crews are in the area. Civil defence staff are on standby and closely monitoring the situation.

A tree was reported down across much of Hamurana Road this morning and surface flooding has been reported around the district including Te Ngae Road, Victoria Street, Pukehangi Road, Fryer Road, Ford Road and Western Heights.

The Council call centre has been busy taking calls this morning. We will provide updates as/when we are able to provide updated information.

  • The public is advised to avoid any unnecessary travel and if you are on the roads please take extra care - drive to the conditions, take it slow and use headlights to help with visibility.
  • Call the Council on 07-348 4199 if you need assistance or to report flooding, slips, treefalls or other weather-related issues.
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