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12 April 2018


NZTA to acquire land for Te Ngae Road upgrades

Several parcels of Council-owned land at Sala Street and on Te Ngae Road along Neil Hunt Park are earmarked for disposal to NZTA for upgrades to Rotorua’s eastern corridor.

The Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee is recommending that Council dispose of the land for the first portion of the NZTA project, which will see the intersections of Sala Street and Te Ngae and Tarawera Road and Te Ngae upgraded and four-laning to Iles Road.

On the basis of recent revised growth projections for Rotorua, NZTA has determined that Te Ngae Road be four-laned all the way to the airport with Sala to Iles Road the first portion to be completed.

Land at Sala Street is needed for a slipway which is to be constructed at the Sala/Te Ngae intersection for traffic turning left on to Te Ngae.

Land on the edge of Neil Hunt Park is needed for four-laning to Iles Road. There will be no material effect on the use of the park.

Council will receive compensation of approximately $55,000 + GST for the purchase of the land parcels required for the Sala to Iles Road upgrades. All costs relating to the land acquisition will be covered by NZTA.

See pages 116 to 124 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda for the full report on this matter, including maps showing the land to be acquired by NZTA.

CCO statements of intent discussed

Draft statements of intent for Rotorua Lakes Council’s four council-controlled organisations (CCOs) and proposed feedback on those were considered by the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee at its monthly meeting today (Thursday 12 April).

The CCOs - InfraCore Limited, Rotorua Regional Airport Limited, Terax Limited and Rotorua Economic Development Limited (operating as Destination Rotorua – are required to submit a statement of intent for each financial year. The statements (SOIs) considered today are for the 2018/19 financial year, commencing 1 July 2018.

The purpose of the SOIs are to publicly state the activities and intentions of the CCOs for the year and the objectives to which those activities will contribute; to provide an opportunity for shareholders to influence the direction of the organisation; and to provide a basis for the accountability of directors to the shareholders for the performance of the organisation.

Each CCO board must submit a draft SOI and Council may make comments on those which the board must then consider, delivering the completed SOI on or before 30 June.

  • See pages 40-43 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda for the full report on this matter.
  • See pages 44 to 58 for the draft SOI for InfraCore
  • See pages 59 to 78 for the draft SOI for Rotorua Regional Airport Limited
  • See pages 79 to 87 for the draft SOI for Terax Ltd
  • See pages 88 to 115 for the draft SOI for Rotorua Economic Development Limited
  • See THIS LINK on Council’s website to view the presentation delivered to the SP&F Committee today in relation to the CCOs.

The Committee resolved to:

  • Make comment on the draft SOIs as outlined in the report it received;
  • Request that the airport board, prior to committing to the redevelopment of the airport building, report to Council the budget for finalised plans (including the costs of required aviation security areas) and proposed funding mechanisms;
  • Ask that all four CCOs reflect on how well their SOI responds to and reflects Council’s commitment to its partnership with Te Tatau o Te Arawa and environmental sustainability.

Traffic bylaw review deliberations

The committee deliberated on proposed amendments to the Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 to include provisions defining and regulating ‘shared paths’ and ‘shared zones’ and a recommendation will go to the Full Council that they be approved.

Council approved the proposed changes for public consultation in November 2017 and submissions closed in February 2018 with a total of 10 submissions received and considered, eight supporting the proposed amendments, two making additional comments, none opposed to the proposal.

See pages 15 to 39 of the Strategy, Policy & Finance Committee meeting agenda for the full report on this matter which includes the proposed changes and the submissions received.


Today’s meeting was livestreamed and the recording can be accessed via THIS LINK on Council’s website or via Council’s YouTube Channel

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