More trees to come down


13 February 2018

A portion of Steeles Lane Reserve will be closed for a few weeks while contractors work to remove 23 eucalyptus trees. 

Similar to work underway to remove trees in Blomfield Gully, Council is responding to requests from the community to have the trees removed due to concerns raised by the community, especially the surrounding neighbourhood, about safety, leaf fall and shading.

Council has decided to incorporate the work at Steeles Lane Reserve with the Blomfield Gully tree felling and preparation work is already underway with physical work expected to begin from next Monday [19 February], weather permitting.

While work takes place parts of the reserve will be closed to members of the public and we ask that people adhere to any safety instructions on signage around the work site.

Access to Old Quarry Road and Western Heights High School will still be possible but will be controlled between 9am and 3pm daily.

The work is expected to take approximately five weeks (weather permitting) and following completion, replacement planting will take place.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time. 


Can I access the reserve while work is taking place?
Parts of the reserve will be closed while work is underway and these areas will be identified by signage. Please avoid these areas for your own safety as large machinery and vehicles will be operating.

Access through designated areas of the reserve will be possible before 9am and after 3pm. During 9am and 3pm access through the reserve will be controlled.

What will happen to the wood?
The smallest branches and other debris will be mulched.  Large logs will be sold to off-set the cost of the work. All other wood will be made available to the public for firewood once the contractor has completed all their works.

Will you be replacing the trees?
Replanting is being considered and Council will communicate with the immediate residents and Western Heights High School once a decision is made.

How can I get firewood once the trees have been cut down?

Tree removal work in Steeles Lane is expected to take approximately 2-3 weeks (weather permitting) and once completed firewood will be available for collection.

Vehicle access to Steeles Lane reserve will be by key only. To hire a key you must go to Customer Centre (front desk) at the main Council building. A $25 bond is required as well as agreeing to and signing the Health And Safety Plan in place.

Tree felling also planned for Long Mile and Tarawera roads this week

A number of “dead standing” or leaning trees adjacent to Long Mile and Tarawera roads are also to be felled and that work is expected to occur this week, weather permitting.

Felling will begin on Long Mile Road at 8am tomorrow [Wednesday], moving towards the corner of Tarawera Rd and then up Tarawera Rd from about 9am until the work is completed, finishing with trees in the fenced area opposite Forest Place. It may be possible to complete the work in a day, weather permitting.

This will mean Long Mile Rd will be closed periodically as trees are felled and while areas are made safe again, at which point the road will be re-opened while contractors prepare for the next tree. Tarawera Rd will be closed periodically in the same way. Both roads will have traffic management in place and spotters for pedestrian traffic.

Council apologises for any inconvenience the work may cause. We ask for patience from Long Mile Rd users. Contractors will be working as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption while undertaking the job safely.


Page reviewed: 13 Feb 2018 4:00pm