Public Art Safari



10 July 2016 - In recent times there’s been great things happening in our public art world. And to cap it off, this week our new public art trail brochure finally hit the stands.

To enjoy all 60 artworks around our city you might need to put aside a full day!

Rotorua is on a journey of rejuvenation and discovery, and public art plays a key role in bringing life and vibrancy back into the heart of our city. These art works take many different forms in a variety of media - you’ll find them down alleyways, disguised as fence posts, gracing the walls of buildings or in plain sight for everyone to see.

Enjoy exploring the city from a different perspective. The trail runs from Kuirau Park along ‘The Green Corridor’ to the Government Gardens and around Sulphur Point.  You’ll find heritage pou, the Tene Waitere carvings, bronzes, sculptures, murals and even whole buildings - I’m sure you agree our famed Rotorua Museum is truly breathtaking in its Edwardian environment.

Of late I’ve been talking with a number of Tauranga’s public and community art advocates who recognize and revere our city as a cultural flagship.  At a recent visit they spotted the new trail brochure on my desk, and were completely in awe at the size of our public art collection. Just so happened they had a copy of  ‘Tauranga City’s Art Walk’ guide with them … would you believe, I counted just 7 artworks – and that’s including the 5 recent Owen Dippie murals.

Wow, what a comparison. It’s certainly not a competition with our friends over the hill, but this really puts into perspective how fortunate we are here.  Art and culture have always been key drivers in this town, and I wonder if we take this for granted some times. Be assured though, our visitors take notice…and a lot of photos.

While some people travel the world to play golf, others to enjoy tramping or dining out - there is also a real following of people who travel globally to experience and enjoy public art collections. I reckon we’re well and truly on the circuit.

Pick up a copy of the trail guide at the Information Centre, Arts Village, Civic Centre, or Museum and treat yourself, or your visitors to a walk or cycle of our public art safari.


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