Rotorua’s vision and shared partnership in spotlight



16 February 2016

Photo: Head and upper body photo of Rotorua Mayor Steve ChadwickRotorua mayor Steve Chadwick [pictured] is a guest panellist today in Melbourne at an Urban Thinkers Session on Ethical Urban Development.

Mayor Steve will present in a panel discussion on Rotorua's participation in the United Nations Global Compact Cities programme at NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) University.

She will tell the story of Rotorua’s partnership approach and the building of a community guided by the Vision 2030 plan and portfolio approach to building social cohesion and inclusion of citizens in the shared direction.

She will also meet Robert Doyle, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Martin Thomas the chief executive of Habitat for Humanity and World Vision leaders.

“I will be sharing ideas on how we build the cities we need underpinned by sustainability principles.

Dark blue Global Compact Cities endorsement logo“We will learn what Rotorua needs to do next to develop our district action plan as a signatory to the UN Compact Cities programme.

“It is exciting to be asked to present our story and to be involved in a global project that openly shares expertise, science and other approaches to tackle issues such as fresh water protection, environmental enhancement, while also focussing on re-inventing ourselves as a district and growing our economic base.

“There are lessons to be learned on handling the tourism growth and agreeing the next stage of our development.

“I am proud of our partnership model and will be sharing the Te Arawa partnership story along with our other portfolio priorities of  building a vibrant city heart based on modern urban design, homes that match needs, water and waste water developments.

“We have a proud story to share,” said Mayor Steve.

Mayor Steve Chadwick's PowerPoint presentation
Mayor Steve Chadwick's PowerPoint speech notes

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